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Mastering Digital Photography and Imaging

Mastering Digital Photography and Imaging

Peter K. Burian

ISBN: 978-0-470-11330-1

Dec 2006

272 pages

Select type: E-Book



""A must-read for those who want to enhance their digital photography experience.""
—George Schaub, Editorial Director, Shutterbug and eDigitalPhoto magazines

With a three or more megapixel digital camera or a good scanner, affordable image-editing software, and a photo-realistic printer, you have all the tools you need to create absolutely stunning images. But understanding all your options and getting the best possible results can be daunting. What features should you look for in a digital camera? What accessories do you need? How do you capture the best possible images with your digital equipment--and make corrections when you don't? What are the advantages of RAW capture? How can you get consistently great prints?

Peter K. Burian, coauthor of the best-selling National Geographic Photography Field Guide, has taken the digital plunge and lived to write about it. The result is a practical, accessible guide that demystifies the world of digital photography and imaging--a must-read whether you're a photography enthusiast making the leap to digital, a gadget lover looking for the latest technology, a novice photographer, or anybody who regularly works with images.

Inside you'll find:

  • A buyer's guide to the essential equipment and software: learn the pros and cons of compact digicams versus digital SLR cameras; choose a suitable scanner; find the right imaging program for your needs; select the perfect photo printer
  • Focusing, composition, and lighting tips for making snapshots that you'll be proud of
  • Pro tips and techniques for using all your camera's advanced features
  • Techniques for getting scans of exceptional quality, whether you're scanning prints, slides, or negatives
  • Recommendations on upgrading your computer and peripherals for digital imaging
  • Professional methods for fine-tuning your images in the digital darkroom
  • Techniques for creating color or black-and-white prints of exhibition quality
  • Tips on optimizing your images for use in e-mail, online albums, and web pages
Part 1: Essential Digital Imaging Equipment.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Digital Cameras.

Chapter 2: Introduction to Scanners.

Chapter 3: Computer Setups for Digital Imaging.

Chapter 4: Software for the Digital Darkroom.

Chapter 5: Choosing a Photo Printer.

Part 2: Capture.

Chapter 6: Making Digital Images.

Chapter 7: Picture-Taking Tips.

Chapter 8: Scanning Techniques.

Part 3: Optimizing Images.

Chapter 9: Color Management Demystified.

Chapter 10: Introduction to Image Editing.

Chapter 11: Advanced Image Editing.

Chapter 12: Images and the Internet.

Chapter 13: Making Exhibition-Quality Prints.