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Mastering JBuilder

Mastering JBuilder

Mike Rozlog, Geoffrey Goetz, Sung Nguyen

ISBN: 978-0-471-26714-0

Apr 2003

600 pages

Select type: Paperback

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  • Written by one of the lead architects of JBuilder, this authoritative book uncovers all of the power techniques that developers will need to know in order to build large-scale Java applications
  • Offers readers the most current information in the field, including in-depth coverage of JBuilder 8
  • Explores distributed applications development, RMI applications, and local and remote debugging
  • Illustrates how to develop, test, and deploy Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs)
  • Companion Web site includes source code from the book and useful links with updated information



Part 1: JBuilder as an Integrated Development Environment.

Chapter 1: Installing JBuilder.

Chapter 2: Customizing the AppBrowser.

Chapter 3: Controlling Java Configurations.

Chapter 4: Project Properties and Configurations.

Chapter 5: Debugging with JBuilder.

Chapter 6: Using the JBuilder Help System.

Part 2: JBuilder as a Rapid Application Development Tool.

Chapter 7: Creating Classes.

Chapter 8: Modifying Classes.

Part 3: JBuilder and Application Lifecycle Management.

Chapter 9: Integrated Team Development.

Chapter 10: Using Build Systems.

Chapter 11: Unit Testing with Junit.

Chapter 12: UML Visualization.

Part 4: Two-Tier Client/Server Development with JDBC.

Chapter 13: Building the Database with JDataStore.

Chapter 14: DataExpress and DBSwing Applications.

Part 5: Web Development with Servlets, Java Server Pages, and Struts.

Chapter 15: Server and Service Configuration.

Chapter 16: Web Enablement with Servlets.

Chapter 17: Moving from Basic Servlets to Java Server Pages.

Chapter 18: Developing with Struts.

Part 6: Enterprise Development with Enterprise JavaBeans.

Chapter 19: Developing EJB 1.1.

Chapter 20: Developing EJB 2.x.

Part 7: Distributed Computing with RMI, CORBA and Web Services.

Chapter 21: RMI Development with JBuilder.

Chapter 22: CORBA Development with JBuilder.

Chapter 23: Web Services Development with JBuilder.


Companion Site

Visit the companion site.