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Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Jim McBee

ISBN: 978-1-118-25742-5

Nov 2011

994 pages

Select type: O-Book


Microsoft Exchange Server provides a reliable messaging system that protects against spam and viruses and allows for access to e-mail, voicemail, and calendars from a variety devices and any location. Fully updated for the latest release of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1), this book offers a look at the significant improvements and exciting features of SP1 and explains how they will increase productivity. You?ll walk through planning and design, installation, administration and management, maintenance, and more and also take a look at SP1?s interoperability with Windows Server 2008, unified messaging, and enhancements in mobile e-mail security and management.
Chapter 1. Introduction to Messaging System Administration.

Chapter 2. Designing a New Exchange 2007 System.

Chapter 3. Introducing Exchange Server 2007.

Chapter 4. Exchange Server 2007 Architecture.

Chapter 5. Installing Exchange Server 2007.

Chapter 6. Upgrading to Exchange Server 2007.

Chapter 7. Administering Exchange Server 2007.

Chapter 8. Exchange Management Shell Primer.

Chapter 9. Exchange Organization, Server, and Recipient Management.

Chapter 10. Imposing Limits.

Chapter 11. Managing Recipients.

Chapter 12. Managing Storage.

Chapter 13. Managing Address Lists.

Chapter 14. Managing Mailbox Content.

Chapter 15. Managing Messages in Transit.

Chapter 16. Public Folder Administration.

Chapter 17. Reliability and Availability 101.

Chapter 18. Implementing Replication Technologies.

Chapter 19. Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Chapter 20. Supporting Outlook 2007.

Chapter 21. Delivering Email.

Chapter 22. Getting to Know the Client Access Server Role.

Chapter 23. Exchange Anywhere.

Chapter 24. Monitoring Performance.

Chapter 25. Securing Exchange Server.

Chapter 26. Logging, Auditing, and Monitoring.