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Mastering Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Mastering Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Mike Gunderloy, Joseph L. Jorden, David W. Tschanz

ISBN: 978-0-471-79223-9

Mar 2006

1108 pages

Select type: E-Book



The Comprehensive Resource for SQL Server 2005 Administrators, Consultants, and Developers

Whether you're a systems administrator, database application developer, or IT consultant, you'll quickly ratchet up your knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with this thorough and comprehensive guide. Light on theory and heavy on practicality, it cuts to the chase with real-world examples of large-scale business applications, an entire chapter on troubleshooting, and crucial information on SQL Server 2005's enhanced connectivity. For new users of Microsoft SQL Server, this book takes you quickly, but systematically, through the introductory topics.

Coverage Includes

  • Integrating SQL Server with .NET Framework
  • Understanding Service Broker, a distributed application framework
  • Programming with ADO.NET, the data-access component of .NET
  • Setting up Notification Services, which delivers personalized information to mobile devices
  • Using SQL Server Management Studio instead of Enterprise Manager
  • Designing made easier with new Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS)
  • Printing multi-page reports
  • Mastering Transact-SQL programming language

Leverage the Experience of Large-Scale Enterprises through Real-World Examples

Increase Your Own Productivity with an Entire Chapter on Troubleshooting

Discover What SQL Server 2005's Increased Emphasis on Connectivity Means to Your Installation

Start Developing Apps--All the Information You Need!


Part 1: Introducing SQL Server.

Chapter 1: Introduction to SQL Server 2005.

Chapter 2: Overview of Database Concepts.

Chapter 3: Overview of SQL Server.

Chapter 4: Database Design and Normalization.

Part 2: Transact-SQL.

Chapter 5: Transact-SQL Overview and Basics.

Chapter 6: SELECT Queries.

Chapter 7: Action Queries.

Chapter 8: Topics in Advanced Transact-SQL.

Part 3: Digging into SQL Server.

Chapter 9: Using SQL Server Management Studio.

Chapter 10: Databases.

Chapter 11: Tables.

Chapter 12: Indexing.

Chapter 13: Views.

Chapter 14: Stored Procedures.

Chapter 15: Using Triggers.

.Part 4: Administering SQL Server.

Chapter 16: Basic Administrative Tasks.

Chapter 17: Automating Administration.

Chapter 18: Security and SQL Server 2005.

Part 5: Development with SQL Server.

Chapter 19: Integrating SQL Server with Microsoft .NET.

Chapter 20: ADO.NET and SQL Server.

Chapter 21: SMO and RMO Programming.

Chapter 22: Integration Services.

Part 6: Advanced Topics.

Chapter 23: Locking.

Chapter 24: Monitoring and Optimizing SQL Server 2005.

Chapter 25: Replication.

Chapter 26: Analysis Services.

Chapter 27: Notification Services.

Chapter 28: Reporting Services.

Chapter 29: Service Broker.

Chapter 30: Troubleshooting.

Appendix A: Transact-SQL Reference.