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Mastering Revit Architecture 2009

Mastering Revit Architecture 2009

Tatjana Dzambazova, Greg Demchak, Eddy Krygiel

ISBN: 978-0-470-29528-1

Sep 2008

800 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Move beyond the basics of Revit and BIM and redefine your designs with this new edition of Mastering Revit Architecture. With updated coverage of Revit Architecture 2009 features, this comprehensive guide will help you discover best practices and tips that will make your projects smoother and their implementation easier. You’ll learn how applying key Revit and BIM priniciples to your designs will increase your productivity and improve your workflow plus develop a more thorough understanding of topics like design options and features, advanced modeling, and presentation techniques with the clear explanations and practical examples found in this book.

For Instructors: Teaching supplements are available for this title.

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1. Understanding BIM: From the Basics to Advanced Realities.

2. Revit Fundamentals.

3. Knowing your tools.

4. Setting up your templates and office standards.

5. Customizing system families and project settings in your template.

6. Modeling Principles in Revit I.

7. Modeling Principles in Revit II.

8. Concept Massing Study: Early Design Phase.

9. From Conceptual Mass to a Real Building.

10. Working with design options.

11. Creating Custom 3D Content.

12. Extended Modeling Techniques—Walls.

13. Extended Modeling Techniques—Roofs and Slabs.

14. Extended Modeling Techniques—Railings and Fences.

15. Presentation Techniques for Plans, Sections, and Elevations.

16. Presenting Perspective Views.

17. Areas and Schedules.

18. Evaluating your conceptual Designs: Sustainability.

19. Annotating Your Model.

20. Developing the designs: Smart workflows Pt1.

21. Moving from Design to Documentation.

22. Detailing and Coordination: Adding to Families.

23. Tracking changes in your model.

24. Worksharing.

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