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Mastering Revit Structure 2009

Thomas S. Weir, Eric Wing, Jamie D. Richardson, David J. Harrington

ISBN: 978-0-470-45176-2 November 2008 840 Pages


If you already understand the basics of Revit Structure and want to develop a mastery of building information modeling (BIM), Mastering Revit Structure 2009 contains the information you need. The expert authors drew on years of experience to compile a comprehensive guide to the core concepts of Revit Structure with tips, tricks, and examples specific to the professional structural engineering setting. The five parts will guide you through interface, project setup and templates, view use and management, structural elements, structural analysis, drafting, detailing and annotations, phasing, collaborating, printing and publishing, and creating custom content.


Chapter 1: Inside Revit Structure

Chapter 2: Setting the Project Environment

Chapter 3: Starting to Model Your Project

Chapter 4: Columns

Chapter 5: Floors and Roofs

Chapter 6: Walls

Chapter 7: Framing

Chapter 8: Foundations

Chapter 9: Model Documentation

Chapter 10: Modeling Rebar

Chapter 11: Schedules and Quantities

Chapter 12: Sheets, Plotting, Exporting

Chapter 13: Worksharing

Chapter 14: Visualization

Chapter 15: Structural Analytical Model

Chapter 16: Project Phases

Chapter 17: Standards

Chapter 18: Families and Groups

Chapter 19: Advanced Concepts

Chapter 20: Modeling Project Types

Appendix A: Master It solutions

Part 1 Tutorial Files
Part 2 Tutorial Files
Part 3 Tutorial Files
Part 4 Tutorial Files
Part 5 Tutorial Files