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Mastering SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Infrastructure Design

Mastering SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Infrastructure Design

ISBN: 978-0-470-19577-2

Oct 2007

486 pages

Select type: E-Book


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  • Reporting Services is a powerful tool for SQL Server 2005 database administrators, developers, and other IT professionals, enabling them to make sense of the immense amount of data generated by enterprises of all sizes
  • Shows readers how to create, manage, and distribute information as well as how to design, produce, and distribute reports that meet the needs of the stakeholder
  • Contains practical insights and real-world solutions not found in other books
  • Bridges the gap between those who manage data and those who need it

Part 1:  Designing the Reporting Infrastructure.

Chapter 1:  Principles of a Reporting Infrastructure.

Chapter 2:  Determining Business Requirements.

Chapter 3:  Planning and Developing Role-Based Security.

Chapter 4:Managing User Expectations.

Chapter 5: Change Management.

Chapter 6: Business Intelligence and Reporting.

Part 2: Using Reporting Services in Your Infrastructure.

Chapter 7: Deploying Reporting Services.

Chapter 8: Ad Hoc Reporting.

Chapter 9: Subscriptions.

Chapter 10: Maintenance and Administration.

Part 3Advanced Topics.

Chapter 11: Managing Reports Using Program Code.

Chapter 12: Extending Reporting Services.

Chapter 13: Report Definition Language.

Chapter 14: Report Server Security.

Chapter 15: Data Sources and Data Sets.

Chapter 16: Performance Tuning.