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Mastering VMware vSphere 4

Mastering VMware vSphere 4

Scott Lowe

ISBN: 978-0-470-48138-7

Aug 2009

696 pages

Select type: Paperback

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As part of the highly acclaimed Mastering series from Sybex, this book offers a comprehensive look at VMware vSphere 4, how to implement it, and how to make the most of what it offers.

Coverage Includes:

  • Shows administrators how to use VMware to realize significant savings in hardware costs while still providing adequate "servers" for their users
  • Demonstrates how to partition a physical server into several virtual machines, reducing the overall server footprint within the operations center
  • Explains how VMware subsumes a network to centralize and simplify its management, thus alleviating the effects of "virtual server sprawl"

Now that virtualization is a key cost-saving strategy, Mastering VMware vSphere 4 is the strategic guide you need to maximize the opportunities.


Chapter 1: Introducing VMware vSphere 4.

Chapter 2: Planning and Installing VMware ESX and VMware ESXi.

Chapter 3: Installing and Configuring vCenter Server.

Chapter 4: Installing and Configuring vCenter Update Manager.

Chapter 5: Creating and Managing Virtual Networks.

Chapter 6: Creating and Managing Storage Devices.

Chapter 7: Creating and Managing Virtual Machines.

Chapter 8: Migrating and Importing Virtual Machines.

Chapter 9: Configuring and Managing VMware vSphere Access Controls.

Chapter 10: Managing Resource Allocation.

Chapter 11: Ensuring High Availability and Business Continuity.

Chapter 12: Monitoring VMware vSphere Performance.

Chapter 13: Securing VMware vSphere.

Chapter 14: Automating VMware vSphere.

Appendix A: The Bottom Line.

Appendix B: Frequently Used Commands.

Appendix C: VMware vSphere Best Practices.


Page 496
ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
13Text correction: Error in Table 1.1
Under VMware ESX 4 Maximum, the entry for "Amount of RAM per host," "512GB," is incorrect. The correct amount is "1TB"

18Text correction
In the shaded box headed "Fewer Bigger Servers or More Smaller Servers," there is a reference to erroneous information in Table 1.1. The first sentence: "...VMware ESX/ESXi supports...512GB of RAM," is incorrect.

VMware ESX/ESXi supports 1TB of RAM.

254Text correction: Error in IP Address
Under step 9, top of the page: "...the single entry in the step-tickers would read as follows:
172.30.0111" omits a period in the IP address given.

The second instance should read the same as the first: ""

399Text correction: Incorrect figure given for Timeout Settings
Under "Timeout Settings," the 6th item in list on the page, the figure for the setting for long operations given, "120 minutes," is incorrect. The correct setting is "120 seconds".

5148 & 166Text correction: Typographical errors in Figures 5.7 and 5.30
The labels in these two figures that read "Psysical Switch" should be "Physical Switch"

5180Text correction: Incorrect information regarding vSwitch configurations
The first sentence in the sidebar, "Although you can create a vSwitch with a maximum of 1,016 ports (really 1,024), it is not recommended if you anticipate growth." is incorrect. It should read:

"Although you can create a vSwitch with a maximum of 4,088 ports, it is not recommended if you anticipate growth."
1/29/101st and 2nd

5181Text correction: Error in Table 5.1, Configuration Maximums
The entry for Maximum Ports per vSwitch given, 1,016, is incorrect. The maximum is 4,088.
1/29/101st and 2nd

5201Text correction: Error under "Installing the Cisco Nexus 1000V"
In step 2., "Memory: 1024MB" and "Virtual disk: 4GB" are incorrect. It should read: "Memory: 2048MB" and "Virtual disk: 3GB"

5205Text correction: Error under "Configuring the Cisco Nexus 1000V"
In step 4., the first sentence, "Enter the following commands to create a new port profile:" should read:
"Enter the following commands to remove a port profile:"

6216Text correction
Under the heading "Shared Storage Fundamentals" 1st paragraph, the end of the 4th sentance, "...(ISO) images." should read "...CD/DVD images."

6218Text correction
The end of the first sentence after the shaded box, " a robust, design is paramount." should read:
" a robust, redundant design is paramount."

6247Correction: Incorrect entry in Table 6.1
The line for "Raw device mapping" in Table 6.1 should have "No" under "NFS"
11/4/091st and 2nd

6301Text correction: misidentification of NPIV
In the third paragraph, NPIV is spelled out as "N-Port Virtualization." The proper term is "N_Port ID Virtualizarion."

9394Text correction: Working with Folders
Change the first sentence of the last paragraph on the page to read: "In the same way you can use folders to organize datacenters, you can also create folders inside the datacenter to organize hosts, clusters, and virtual machines according to your needs."

9396Text correction: Working with Folders
Change the first sentence of the first full paragraph on the page to read: "Folders, along with datacenter objects and vCenter Server objects, are the only objects that span both the Hosts And Clusters view and the VMs And Templates view."

9399Text correction: misidentified role
The heading of the first item on the page, "Datacenter Consumer" is incorrect. It should read: Datastore consumer".

10420Text correction: CPU capacity
Under "Allocating Virtual Machine CPU Capacity," Change the second sentence in the first paragraph to read:
"This CPU setting effectively lets the guest operating system utilize between one and eight virtual CPUs on the host system, depending upon the guest operating system and the vSphere license."
8/11/101st and 2nd

10422Text correction: Error in figure caption
In order to match the image, the caption for Figure 10.4 should read: "A virtual machine configured with a 500Mz reservation..."
8/11/101st and 2nd

10438Text corrextion: Incorrect information given regarding physical mode RDMs
The third item in the bulleted list on the page, "The virtual machine must not have a physical mode raw device mapping (RDM)." is incorrect. It should be deleted.
8/11/101st and 2nd

11486Text correction: HA Isolation Response
In the last paragraph, third sentence, change "15 seconds" to read "13 seconds".

To the last full sentence on the page, add the phrase "(for ESXi, the default gateway IP address for the Management network)".
8/11/101st and 2nd

11498Text correction: VCB on Fibre Channel without Mulipathing
Delete the text in the shaded box. Replace it with the following text:
"The VCB proxy requires a Fibre Channel HBA to communicate with Fibre Channel SAN LUNs regarding backup processes. Versions of VCB prior to 1.0.3 do not support multiple HBAs or multipathing software like EMC PowerPath. For these early versions of VCB, use only a single HBA. vSphere 4.0 ships with VCB 1.5, so all versions of VCB since the release of vSphere 4.0 are safe for use with multipathing."
8/11/101st and 2nd

14592Text correction: Creating and Testing the LDAP Connection
In list item 6., change "universal principal name" to "User Principal Name".
8/11/101st and 2nd