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Mastering Web Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Mastering Web Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

John Paul Mueller

ISBN: 978-0-471-78887-4

Jan 2006

822 pages

Select type: E-Book

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Be Right at Home in the World's Most Powerful Web Development Environment

For large-scale web application development, Visual Studio 2005 is the most capable product around. This book shows team members and leaders how to use its power in several key dimensions. You'll master dozens of built-in features for creating a large, high-performance website based on ASP.NET 2.0. You'll work seamlessly with dynamic data, both reading from and writing to databases. And throughout, you'll learn how Visual Studio 2005 supports a more efficient group process in terms of design, development, and deployment. And everything is brought together with the enterprise-scale example, "ABC Incorporated," that runs throughout the book. This is a book no web developer, and no web-dependent organization, should be without.

Coverage Includes

  • Reaping the benefits of master pages and themes
  • Generating site maps and other navigational aids automatically
  • Building a shopping cart application for your website
  • Adding search functionality to your website
  • Creating a flexible user environment using Webpart technology
  • Increasing application performance using client-side and server-side scripting technologies
  • Giving users the ability to change the website's theme to meet specific needs
  • Using components and controls to add special effects and user customization
  • Improving team efficiency using modern development and design techniques
  • Monitoring and responding to usage statistics
  • Combining technologies to get the best possible results from large applications
  • Making your site accessible to everyone

Master Standards-Based Web Development Techniques New to Visual Studio 2005

Discover How Visual Studio 2005 Solves Team Development Issues, Such as Source Code Control and Application Design

Simplify Database Application Development without Compromising Security or Reliability


Part 1: Discovering Visual Web Developer.

Chapter 1: Working with Visual Web Developer.

Chapter 2: Creating a Simple Application.

Chapter 3: Using Server Explorer.

Part 2: Using Built-in Features.

Chapter 4: Working with ASP.NET 2.0 Master Pages and Themes.

Chapter 5: Building Intelligent Pages.

Chapter 6: Working with Scripts.

Part 3: Creating Simple but Effective Pages.

Chapter 7: Creating Feedback Forms.

Chapter 8: Developing a Site Search.

Chapter 9: Using Pop-ups and Redirection.

Part 4: Working with Dynamic Data.

Chapter 10: Developing Simple Database Applications.

Chapter 11: Using SQL Server 2005 Efficiently.

Chapter 12: Creating an ASP.NET Crystal Reports Web Site.

Chapter 13: Developing Multi-tier Applications.

Part 5: Developing Full-blown Web Applications.

Chapter 14: Designing Dynamic Pages with Pizzazz.

Chapter 15: Working with Client-Side Controls.

Chapter 16: Creating a Shopping Cart Application.

Part 6: The Finishing Touches: Debug, Secure, and Distribute Your Application.

Chapter 17: Debugging Your Applications.

Chapter 18: Designing Secure Applications.

Chapter 19: Optimizing Your Applications.

Chapter 20: Creating Downloadable Applications.

Chapter 21: Creating Accessible Pages.

Part 7: Application Development Within the Corporate Environment.

Chapter 22: Developing Interoperable Applications.

Chapter 23: Using the Team Development Tools.

Chapter 24: Converting Visual Studio 2003 Applications.

Chapter 25: Moving to Visual Studio 2005.


Appendix A: A Guide to Common Development Errors.

Appendix B: Working with Common Character Codes.

Appendix C: 52 Indispensable Visual Studio Tricks and Techniques.



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