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Materials Innovations in an Emerging Hydrogen Economy



Materials Innovations in an Emerging Hydrogen Economy

G. Wicks (Editor), Jack Simon (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-48341-1 March 2009 256 Pages

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This volume contains papers presented at the Materials Innovations in an Emerging Hydrogen Economy Conference in Februrary 2008 in Cocoa Beach, Florida. It provides a useful one-stop resource for understanding the most important issues in the research and applications of materials innovations. The text features logically organized and carefully selected articles, organized into: International Overviews; Hydrogen Storage; Hydrogen Production; Hydrogen Delivery; and Leakage Detection/Safety. This comprises an essential resource for industrial and academic chemists and engineers.

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi


Research Priorities and Progress in Hydrogen Energy Research in the EU 3
Constantina Filiou, Pietro Moretto, and Joaquin Martin-Bermejo

Global Perspectives Towards the Establishment of the Hydrogen Economy 17
Jose lgnacio Galindo

Materials Issues for Hydrogen R&D in Canada 27
E.E. Andrukaitis and Rod McMillan

Overview of U.S. Materials Development Activities for Hydrogen Technologies 39
Ned Stetson and John Petrovic


The Hydrogen Storage Behaviour of Pt and Pd Loaded Transition Metal Oxides 51
A. Molendowska, P.J. Hall, and S. Donet

Progress of Hydrogen Storage and Container Materials 61
Y.Y. Li and Y.T. Zhang

Synthesis of Activated Carbon Fibers for High-Pressure Hydrogen Storage 69
M. Kunowsky, F. Suarez-Garcia, D. Cazorla-Amoros and A. Linares-Solano

High Density Carbon Materials for Hydrogen Storage 77
A. Linares-Solano, M. Jorda-Beneyto, D. Lozano-Castello, F. Suarez-Garcia, and D. Cazorla-Amoros

A New Way for Storing Reactive Complex Hydrides on Board of Automobiles 91
Rana Mohtadi, Kyoichi Tange, Tomoya Matsunaga, George Wicks, Kit Heung, and Ray Schumacher

Synergistic Effect of LiBH4 + MgH, as a Potential Reversible High Capacity Hydrogen Storage Material 97
T. E. C. Price, D. M. Grant, and G. S. Walker

Thermodynamic Analysis of a Novel Hydrogen Storage Material: Nanoporous Silicon 105
Peter J. Schubert and Alan D. Wilks

Nanocrystalline Effects on the Reversible Hydrogen Storage Characteristics of Complex Hydrides 111
Michael U. Niemann, Sesha S. Srinivasan, Kimberly McGrath, Ashok Kumar, D. Yogi Goswami, and Elias K. Stefanakos


Recent Results on Splitting Water with Aluminum Alloys 121
J. M. Woodall, Jeffrey T. Ziebarth, Charles R. Allen, Debra M. Sherman, J. Jeon, and G. Choi

Materials Challenges in SYNGAS Production from Hydrocarbons 129
C. M. Chun, F. Hershkowitz, and T. A. Ramanarayanan

Encapsulation of Palladium in Porous Wall Hollow Glass Microsp heres 143
L. K. Heung, G. G. Wicks and R. F. Schumacher

Alternative Materials to Pd Membranes for Hydrogen Purification 149
Thad M. Adams and Paul S. Korinko

X-Ray Photoelectron Investigation of Phosphotungstic Acid as a Proton-Conducting Medium in Solid Polymer Electrolytes 159
Clovis A. Linkous, Stephen L. Rhoden, and Kirk Scammon


Evaluation of the Susceptibility of Simulated Welds in HSLA-100 and HY-100 Steels to Hydrogen Induced Cracking 169
R. E. Ricker, M. R. Stoudt, and D. J. Pitchure

Friction and Wear Properties of Materials Used in Hydrogen Service 181
R.A. Erck, G.R. Fenske, and O.L. Eryilmaz

Effect of Remote Hydrogen Boundary Conditions on the Near Crack-Tip Hydrogen Concentration Profiles in a Cracked Pipeline: Fracture Toughness Assessment 187
M. Dadfarnia, P. Sofronis, B. P. Sornerday, and I. M. Robertson

Non-Destructive Hydrogen Content Sensors 201
Angelique N. Lasseigne, David McColskey, Thomas A. Siewert, Kamalu Koenig, David L. Olson, and Brajendra Mishra

Temperature Programed Desorption Using an Off-the-shelf Hybrid Microwave Oven 211
R. Tom Walters, Paul Burket, and George G. Wicks


Tritium Aging Effects on the Fracture Toughness Properties of Forged Stainless Steel 223
Michael J. Morgan

Explosive Nature of Hydrogen in Partial-Pressure Vacuum 237
Trevor Jones

Author Index 243