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Materials Processing Fundamentals

Materials Processing Fundamentals

Lifeng Zhang (Editor), Antoine Allanore (Editor), Cong Wang (Editor), James A. Yurko (Editor), Justin Crapps (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66222-9

Feb 2013

336 pages



Materials Processing Fundamentals provides researchers and industry professionals with complete guidance on the synthesis, analysis, design, monitoring, and control of metals, materials, and metallurgical processes and phenomena. Along with the fundamentals, it covers modeling of diverse phenomena in processes involving iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, and composites. It also goes on to examine second phase particles in metals, novel sensors for hostile-environment materials processes, online sampling and analysis techniques, and models for real-time process control and quality monitoring systems.

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About the Editors xiii

Process Metallurgy of Steel

Evolution of Inclusions in Ti-Bearing Ultra-Low Carbon Steel during RH Refining Process 3
W. Yang, S. Li, Y. Li, X. Wang , L. Zhang, X. Liu, and Q. Shan

Mass Action Concentration Model of CaO-MgO-FeO-Al2O3-SiO2 Slag Systems and Its Application to the Formation Mechanism of MgO?EAl2O3 Spinel Type Inclusion in Casing Steel 17
H. Tang, J. Li, and C. Ji

Theory Analysis of Steel Cleanliness Control during Electroslag Remelting 31
C. Shi, X. Chen, Y. Luo, and H. Guo

Formation and Drop of Metal Droplets in Slag Bath of Electroslag Remelting Processes 39
B. Li, R. Li, and B. Wang

Study on Flow-Reaction Desulfurization of RH by Physical Experiment 45
H. Yang, J. Li, Z. Gao, F. Song, and W. Yang

Modeling of Transient Fluid Flow, Solidification Processes and Bubble Transport in Continuous Casting Mold 53
Z. Liu, B. Li, and M. Jiang

Numerical Analysis of Coupled Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Solidification in Ultra-thick Slab Continuous Casting Mold 63
X. Xie, D. Chen, M. Long, L. Zhang, J. Shen, and Y. Ma

Measurement and Observation of the Filling Process of Steel Castings 73
J. Kang, G. Nie, H. Long, R. You, X. Hao, T. Wang, and C. Zheng

Physical Metallurgy of Metals

Influence of Load Paths and Bake Hardening Conditions on the Mechanical Properties of Dual Phase Steel 83
M. Asadi, and H. Palkowski

The Effect of Phosphorus and Sulfur on the Crack Susceptibility of Continuous Casting Steel 89
W. Wang, S. Luo, Z. Cai, and M. Zhu

Mathematical Modeling of Heat Transfer and Thermal Behaviour of Tool Steel H13 in Molten Aluminum Alloy A380 99
T. Ding, J. Su, H. Hu, X. Nie, and R. Barron

Optimization Investigation on the Soft Reduction Parameters of Medium Carbon Microalloy Steel 109
C. Xiao, J. Zhang, Y. Luo, L. Wu, and S. Wang

Effect of Microstructure Evolution on Hot Cracks of HSLA Steel during Hot Charge Process 117
J. Li, Q. Wang, Y. Lu, B. Wang, and S. Zhang

A New Method for Ultrasonic Treatment on the Melt of Steel 125
G. Nie, J. Kang, Y. Hu, R. You, J. Ma, Y. Hu, and T. Huang

Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals

Corrosion Resistance of Zn-Sn Alloys Horizontally Directionally Solidified 135
M. Parra, C. Mendez, C. Schvezov, and A. Ares

High Speed Twin Roll Casting of Al-33 wt. % Cu Strips with Layered Structure-Inspired by Mathematical Modeling 143
S. Sahoo, and S. Ghosh

Finite Element Modeling of Material Removal Rate in Powder Mixed Electrical Discharge Machining of Al-SiC Metal Matrix Composites 151
U. Vishwakarma, A. Dvivedi, and P. Kumar

Multicriteria Optimization of Rotary Tool Electric Discharge Machining on Metal Matrix Composite 159
M. Cheema, A. Dvivedi, A. Sharma, and S. Biswas

Characterization of Pore Formation in A356 Alloy with Different Oxide Levels during Directional Solidification 169
H. Liao, W. Song, and Q. Wang

Process Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals

TMAH Wet Etching of Silicon Micro- and Nano-Fins for Selective Sidewall Epitaxy of III-Nitride Semiconductors 185
L. Liu, D. Myasishchev, V. Kuryatkov, S. Nikishin, H. Harris, and M. Holtz

Purification of Indium by Vacuum Distillation 193
Y. Deng, B. Yang, D. Li, B. Xu, and H. Xiong

Investigating Current Efficiency of Aluminum Electrolysis in NaF-KF-AlF3 System 199
H. Ma, J. Xue, J. Li, and Y. Zhang

Recirculation of Materials and Environments

Effects of Ca and Na Containing Additives on WO3 Content in Sheelite Concentrates after Floatation Separation Process 209
J. Zhu, J. Xue, and K. Liu

Copper Removal from Molybdenite by Sulfidation-Leaching Process 217
R. Padilla, H. Letelier, and M. Ruiz

Physical Chemistry of Roasting and Leaching Reactions for Chromium Chemical Manufacturing and Its Impact on Environment - A Review 225
S. Sanchez-Segado, and A. Jha

Electrophoretic Classification of Ultrafine Silica Particles in Dilute Aqueous Suspension 237
R. Corpuz, and L. De Juan

QEMSCAN Analysis of Wadi-Shatti Iron Ore (Libya) 243
A. Tajouri, P. Taylor, C. Anderson, and M. Abozbeda

Removal of Arsenic from Enargite Rich Copper Concentrates 249
M. Ruiz, R. Bello, and R. Padilla

Effect of Calcium on the Solubility of Zinc Oxide in the Sodium Hydroxide Solution 257
C. Ai-Liang, X. Dong, C. Xing-Yu, L. Xu-Heng, and Z. Wei-Xiong

Poster Session

Luminescence Enhancement of Sky-blue ZnS:Tm Phosphor by Promoter Doping 267
S. Yang, and Y. Ling

Effect of Thermal History on the Hot Ductility and Fracture Mechanisms of Low Carbon Peritectic Steel 273
Z. Dong, D. Chen, X. Zhang, and M. Long

Influence of Coriolis Force on the Flow Field of Combined Top and Bottom Blown Converter 281
H. Tang, T. Zhang, J. Li, and Y. Chen

Motion Characteristics of a Powder Particle through the Injection Device with Slats at Finite Reynolds Number 291
Z. Cheng, and M. Zhu

Study on Internal Cracks on Continuous Casting Slabs of AH36 Steel 305
S. Yang, and L. Zhang

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