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Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) 2006, Processing

Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) 2006, Processing

Materials Science and Technology

ISBN: 978-0-873-39650-9

Apr 2010

968 pages

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The Materials Science & Technology Conference is devoted to exploring structure, processing, and applications across multiple materials systems. This proceedings volume contains the full text, in PDF format, of all of the papers from the MS&T'06 conference that were submitted for publication. The searchable CD can be browsed by symposium, author, or keyword. The MS&T Conference is organized by a partnership among the American Ceramics Society (ACerS), the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST), ASM International, and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS).
Advances in Cement-Based Materials: Manufacture, Hydration, Admixture Interaction, Properties, and Degradation.

Durability of Cement-Based Composites.

Reparability of High Strength Concrete Exposed to Elevated Temperatures (E. Kerr, and W. Vichit-Vadakan).

Early Age and Hardened.

Properties of Cement-Based Materials.

Internal Curing Water Movement in High Performance Cement-Based Materials (B.J. Mohr, and K.L. Hood).

Ingenuous Shrinkage Response of Cementitious Matrices and Its Application (D.A. Lange, and Y.-S. Li).

Advances in Refractories.

Session I.

Effect of Andalusite Aggregate on Thermal Shock Resistance of Mullite Castable For Desulphurization Injection Lance (J. Li).

The Use of Doloma Refractories for the Prevention of Alumina Clogging for Continuous Casting of Aluminum Killed Steel (D.J. Griffin).

Wetting Behaviour of High Alumina Monolithic by Non-Ferrous Metals: Role of Non-Wetting Agents (P. Koshy, S. Gupta, V. Sahajwalla, and P. Edwards).

Testing of Advanced Refractory Materials for the Aluminum Industry (D. Shukla, W. Headrick, J. Smith, and M. Karakus).

Session II.

Castable Refractories for Sinter Plant and Mills (A.K. Bhattacharya, P. Cintaiah, B.D. Chattoraj, and S. Majumdar).

Two-Component Refractories Automatically Pressed in One Single Working Cycle (D.H. Fournier).

Refractory Corrosion by Slag Under an Applied Voltage (B.J. Monaghan, S.A. Nightingale, Q. Dong, and M. Funcik).

Green Engineering for Materials Processing.

Green Manufacturing and Treatment Processes.

Influence of Frictional Constraints between the Combined Stresses and the Continued Deformation and Densification of Sintered High Carbon P/M Steel during Cold Deformation (A. Rajeshkannan, K.S. Pandey, and S. Shanmugam).

Carbon Dioxide Soluble Binders for Metal Casting Applications (C. Dilek, L. Hong, R.M. Enick, E. Gulari, and C.W. Manke).

Options for Gas Quenching (P. Stratton).

Gas Quenching - An Environment Friendly Heat Treatment Process (Md. Maniruzzaman, and R.D. Sisson, Jr.).

Green Cerate Based Surface Treatment for Improving the Corrosion Resistance of

Magnesium Alloy AZ91D in Marine Environments (A.S. Hamdy).

Recycling and Waste Management.

Recycling of Aluminum Alloywaste Via Ionic Liquid Electrolytes (M. Zhang, and R.G. Reddy).

Managing Raw Materials Compositional Uncertainty: Chance Constrained Modeling for Alloy Production (G. Gaustad, P. Li, and R. Kirchain).

Treatment of Hot Metal and Liquid Steel with Waste Materials from the Aluminum Industry (F.Y.J. Chang, Y.D. Yang, A. McLean, and I.D. Sommerville).

Аnalysis of Effective Ways to Recycle the Dispersed Iron-Bearing Metallurgical Wastes (I.F. Kurunov, V.N. Titov, and O.G. Bolshakova).

Heat Treatment of Steel.

Heat Treating: Microstructural Issues/Transformations.

Steel Superstrengthening Phenomenon as a Basis for Designing New Technologies (N. Kobasko).

Determination of Transformation Diagrams for Cast Superaustenitic Stainless Steels (N.S.L. Phillips, L.S. Chumbley, and B. Gleeson).

Modelling Material Properties Leading to the Prediction of Distortion during Heat Treatment of Steels (Z. Guo, N. Saunders, A.P. Miodownik, and J.-Ph. Schillé).

Elimination of Crystallinity in Fractured Surface of Medium Carbon Low Alloy Steel Plates through Process Improvement (R. Avtar, and G. Singh).

Heat Treatment: General.

Improvement in Galvanising Line Productivity through Annealing Simulation (S.K. Mohapatra, A. Deva, and V. Kumar).

Save One-Half the Electricity on the Induction Heater, with a Concentrator That Will Last for Tens of Thousands of Parts (T. Learman).

Poster Session.

Predictive Model to Aid Selection of Heat Treating Process Parameter for Alloy Steel Forgings (S. Rajendran, and V. Zaloom).

Evaluation of Salt Bath ad Vacuum Heat Treatment of AISI M2 And M3/2 High Speed Steels (R.A. Nogueira, S. Yoshida, R. Funaro, and F.A. Filho).

High Temperature Degradation of Fe-, Ni-, and Co-Based Alloys Including Metal Dusting.

Oxidation, Carburization and Coatings.

Carburization Issues in Black Liquor Steam Reforming/Gasification (J.R. Keiser, J.G. Hemrick, and R.A. Peascoe-Meisner).

ASSET Technology Update for Analyzing and Predicting Corrosion in High Temperature Gases (R.C. John, A.D. Pelton, A.L. Young, W.T. Thompson, and I.G. Wright).

Characterisation of Oxide Scales for Plasma Sprayed Ni-20Cr Coatings Oxidized at 900°C Under Cyclic Conditions (H. Singh, D.S. Hira, D. Puri, and S. Prakash).

Alloying Elements and Corrosive Environments.

The Effect of Hydrogen on a Transition of Internal/External Oxidation in High Temperature Oxidation of Fe-Cr Alloy at 1073 K (K. Kawamura, T. Kodama, M. Ueda, and T. Maruyama).

Corrosion Study of Selected Nickel-Based Alloys in a High Temperature Oxidizing Molten Salt Electrolyte (C.T. Snyder, L.E. Putty, J. Figueroa, A.S. Hebden, L.A. Barnes, L. Leibowitz, J.E. Indacochea, A. Polar, F. Rumiche, C. Taylor, and S.M. McDeavitt).

Alloy 602CA for Improved Furnace Muffles (L. Paul, and D.C. Agarwal).

Oxidation of Materials in Supercritical Water Environment (K. Sridharan, L. Tan, Y. Chen, X. Ren, A. Kruizenga, and T.R. Allen).

Innovative Processing and Synthesis of Ceramics, Glasses and Composites.

Poster Session.

Morphological Aspects of SiC Obtained by Microwave Carbothermal Reduction of Dry Sugarcane Chaff (W. Idalgo, R.R. Menezes, E. Fagury-Neto, and R.H.G.A. Kiminami).

Rapid Prototyping.

Feasibility Study on the Forming of Alumina Beads by Agar Gel Casting (K. Lertwittayanonh, S. Wada, and P. Aungkavattana).


High-Speed Thick Oxide Coatings by Laser-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (T. Goto, and T. Kimura).

Processing of 8mol% Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Coatings on 316 Stainless Steel Substrates by Dip Coating (S.R. Boddapati, L.Q. Nguyen, and R.K. Bordia).

Electroless Nickel Coating of Boron Carbide Particles (X. Zhu, and K. Lu).

Reaction Forming.

Effect of Processing Parameters on Al-AlN Metal Matrix Composites (V.K. Namilakonda, and R.G. Reddy).

Synthesis of Sub-Micron BaTiO3 Ceramics by Atmosphere Controlled Calcination of BaCO3 and TiO2 (F.A. Medina, A.V. Polotai, and M.T. Lanagan).

Ceramic Processing.

Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanoboehmite (O.C. Wilson, Jr., T. Omokanwaye, N. Fahmy, and L. Hoffland).

The Effect of Plasma Surface Treatment on the Permeability and Adhesion of Laminated Green Ceramic Tapes (C.S. Kim, J.W. Yun, Q.S. Yu, and S.J. Lombardo).

Energy Dissipation in Composite Plates (E.K. Billups, and M.N. Cavalli).

Preparation of Porous Ceramic Pellets by Multiphase Double Emulsion Method (L. Chai, X. Zhang, B. Peng, M. Cheng, and Y. Huang).

Sintering/Densification I.

Densification Process of Powder Compaction by Cyclic CIP (K. Yasuda, T. Kitamura, Y. Matsuo, and T. Shiota).

Pressureless Sintering of the Nanostructured β-Sialon Precursor (M. Sopicka-Lizer, T. Pawlik, M. Tańcula, L. Pająk, G. Chernik, and E. Fokina).

Effect of Microstructural Characteristics on Corrosion Behaviour of Microwave Sintered Stainless Steel Composites (C. Padmavathi, S.S. Panda, D. Agarwal, and A. Upadhyaya).

Sintering/Densification II.

Consolidation of h-BN with Disorder-Order Transformation (T. Yamamoto, N. Ishibashi, N. Toyofuku, Y. Kodera, M. Ohyanagi, and Z.A. Munir).

Preparation and Characterization of Porous LiAl5O8 Coated by SnO2 (C. Busabok, T. Shikama, S. Nagata, B. Tsuchiya, and K. Toh).

Innovative Laser-Based Substrate Ceramic Processing (M. Degel).

Ion Beam Modification and Synthesis in Solids.

Plasma Processing for Biology, Medicine and Tribology.

PIXE Analysis of Cancer-Afflicted Human Bladder (S.B. Reddy, G.J.N. Raju, P. Sarita, M.R. Kumar, G.A.V.R. Murty, B.S. Reddy, P.V.B.R. Lakshmi, and V. Vijayan).

Ion Beam Modification of Materials.

Rapid Microwave Annealing of Nitrogen Implanted Silicon Carbide (S.G. Sundaresan, Y. Tian, A.V. Davydov, and M.V. Rao).

Ion Beam Techniques for Semiconductor Applications.

High-Resolution Characterization of Yttria-Doped Zirconia/Semiconductor Interfaces Using Ion Scattering (C.L. Chang, V. Shutthanandan, and S. Ramanathan).

Materials Processing Challenges for the Aerospace Industry.

Processing of Ti Alloys.

Modelling Microstructural Development - Measurement and Validation (J.W. Brooks, M.D. Griffiths, A.J. Storton, and R. Waddingham).

Processing of Superalloys.

Mesoscale Modeling of the Recrystallization of Waspaloy and Application to the Simulation of the Ingot-Cogging Process (J.P. Thomas, and S.L. Semiatin).

Qualitative Characterization of a Thermal Barrier Coating System Using Femtosecond Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (D.K. Das, J.P. McDonald, S.M. Yalisove, and T.M. Pollock).

PM Processsing - Metals.

Cryomilling of Nanostructured/Ultrafine-Grained Materials for Aerospace Applications (B.Q. Han, J.M. Schoenung, and E.J. Lavernia).

SPD Processing.

Improvement on the Strength of 6063 Aluminum Alloy by Means of Solution Heat Treament (D.E. Esezobor, and S.O. Adeosun).


The Effect of Modification of Eutectic Silicon on the Fluidity of Al-Si Casting Alloys (O.A. Adefuye).


Multilayer Ti-Cu Thin Films for the Gyroscope Housings of the Gravity Probe B Spacecraft (P. Zhou, S. Buchman, W. Bencze, J. Turneaure, and F. Everitt).

Novel Coating Systems for Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Alloys and Composites in Marine Environment (A.S. Hamdy).

The Application of Conductive Poly (3-Hexylthiophene) Thin Film for Hydrazine-Sensitive Chemiresistor (H. Shu, J. Shu, J. Wan, H. Yang, and B.A Chin).

Submicron and Nanoscale Structure of an Ultra-High Strength Precipitation Hardenable Stainless Steel (R. DiSabella, M. Hill, M. Schmidt, and M. Hua).

Processing for Reliability.

Session I.

Controlling Solidification of Particle Laden Melts Using Thermo-Magnetohydrodynamics and Optimization (M.J. Colaço, and G.S. Dulikravich).

Effect of Graphite Addition on Mechanical Properties of Bronze Bearing Cu-Sn-Zn+C Graphite Produced by Powder Metallurgy (A. Zulfia, and Mw. Jatmiko).

ESP (Engineered Stress Profile) Glass: Strength Material with High Strength, Insensitive to Surface Damage and Fatigue (V.M. Sglavo).

Influence of the Architecture on the Mechanical Performances of Alumina-Zirconia and Alumina-Zirconia-Mullite Ceramic Laminates (A. Costabile, and V.M. Sglavo).

The Dielectric Behavior of Ultra-Thin Film Ta2O5 at Microwave Frequencies (W.D. Nothwang, M.W. Cole, P.C. Joshi, C.W. Hubbard, S.G. Hirsch, J.D. Demaree, and E. Ngo).

Recent Developments in Steel Processing.

Specialty Steels.

The Effect of Colossal Carbon Supersaturation on Stainless Steels of the Type PH13-8Mo and Al-6XN (J. Gentil, F. Ernst, G. Michal, and A. Heuer).

Microhole Machining by a Modified Electrical Discharge Machine (P. Laxminarayana, K. Sudhakar, Md.A.A. Sadiq, and V.S.R. Murti).


Characterization of Carbonaceous Materials with Respect to Mold Powder Design for Continuous Casting of Steel (P. Bhardwaj, D. Singh, Y.D. Yang, C. Feng, A. McLean, and I.D. Sommerville).

Modelling of High Temperature Mechanical Properties and Density Change of Steels during Solidification (Z. Guo, N. Saunders, A.P. Miodownik, and J.-Ph. Schillé).

High Temperature Behavior during Solidification of Peritectic Steels under Continuous Casting Conditions (R. Pierer, and C. Bernhard).

Determination and Prediction of Austenite Grain Size in Relation to Product Quality of the Continuous Casting Process (J. Reiter, C. Bernhard, and H. Presslinger).

Effect of Deformation in the Vicinity of the Solidus Temperature on the Recrystallization Behavior of In-Situ Melted Microalloyed Steels (A. Rezaeian, F. Zarandi, J. Calvo, and S. Yuei).

Rolling and Thermal Treatment.

Effect of Cooling Rate on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Nb-Microalloyed Steels (S. Shanmugam, N.K. Ramisetti, R.D.K. Misra, T. Mannering, D. Panda, and S. Jansto).

The Role of Non-Metallic Inclusions in Stimulating the Intragranular Ferrite (IGF) Nucleation in Heavy Steel Sections (K.F. Al Hajeri, C.I. Garcia, M. Hua, and A.J. DeArdo).

Starting Materials for Advanced Ceramics (for Electronics and Structural Applications).

Processing and Properties of Starting Materials, Including Nano-Powders and Preceramic Polymers.

Polysilazane Precursors to Advanced Ceramics (A. Lukacs III).

Preparation of Nanosized Metal-Oxide Ultrafine Powders by Atomizing-Combustion Technique (S. Chen, and J. Chen).

Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Nanopowders from L-FSP Technology: Structural, Dispersion, and Sintering Properties (Y. Tang, A.C. Sutorik, T. Hinklin, and D. Lawrence).

Sputtering Targets and Thin Films Processing.

Challenges of Manufacturing of ITO Ceramics for Sputtering Targets (E. Medvedovski, N. Alvarez, and O. Yankov).

Properties of ITO Ceramics and Thin Films Prepared by Sputtering Process (E. Medvedovski, N. Alvarez, O. Yankov, and M.K. Olsson).

From Advanced Powders to Advanced Ceramics.

Processing of Sub-500 Micron Scale Ceramic Parts for Surgical Applications (G. Hayes, N. Antolino, M. Frecker, C. Muhlstein, E. Mockensturm, and J. Adair).

Planetary Ball Mill and a Milling Method (S. Chen, and J. Chen).

Poster Session.

The Effects of Additional Boron Impurity on the Structure and Electrical Properties of Ga-Doped ZnO Thin Films (A.Kh. Abduev, A.K. Akhmedov, and A.Sh. Asvarov).

Solid State Synthesis of 200nm-Sized BaTiO3 Dielectric for Ultra High Capacitance MLCC (S.-S. Ryu, H.T. Kim, S.-M. Lee, and D.-H. Yoon).

Author Index.