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Materials Science of Concrete: The Sidney Diamond Symposium, Special Volume



Materials Science of Concrete: The Sidney Diamond Symposium, Special Volume

Menashi Cohen (Editor), Sidney Mindess (Editor), Jan P. Skalny (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-574-98072-1 February 1998 531 Pages

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This book is a collection of papers from the symposium honoring Professor Sidney Diamond of the School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University, one of the leading scholars in the field of concrete science. The volume contains: Chemical and physical aspects of mechanisms of hydration of cements; development of concrete microstructure and mechanical properties; and various aspect of mechanisms of concrete deterioration, including alkali-silica reaction (ASR), freezing-thawing, and corrosion of reinforcement. Includes Dr. Diamond's paper, "Concrete Porosity Revisited."
Microstructure, Porosity and Permeability.

Concrete Porosity Revisited (Sidney Diamond ).

Influence of Curing Condition on the Microstructure Formation in High-Strength Concrete (Shunsuke Hanehara and Hiroshi Uchikawa).

Permeability of Concrete--Relationships to its Mix Proportion, Microstructure, and Microcracks (Kejin Wang, Takeru Igusa, and Surendra P. Shah).

Cement Clinker and Hydration.

Trace Elements in Clinker and Their Use as 'Fingerprints' to Facilitate Their Qualitative Identification (Ferenc D. Tamás, Arezki Tagnit-Hamou, and Josef Tritthart).

Formation of Jennite and Tobermorite and Their Relationship with C-S-H Gel in Hydrated Cement Paste (Naomichi Hara, Norihiro Inoue, and Hiroaki Noma).

Portland Cement without Gypsum (Wieslaw Kurdowski, Sywester Duszak, and Barbara Trybalska).

Effect of the Synthesis Temperature on the Hydration Reaction of Fly Ash-Belite Cement (S. Goñi, A. Guerrero, A. Macías, and M.P. Luxán).

The Degree of Cement Hydration Determined by Backscattered Electron Imaging (João Castro Gomes, Joseph Cabrera, and Said Jalali).

The Structure of Ettringite (R. Berliner).

Modeling Ionic Interaction Mechanisms in Cement-Based Materials - An Overview (J. Marchand, Y. Maltais, É. Samson, V. Johansen, and K. Hazrati).

Mechanical Properties, Testing, and Fiber Reinforcement.

Fracture Behavior of Biaxially Confined Fiber Reinforced High-Strength Concrete Due to Impact Loading (K.-A. Rieder and S. Mindess).

Effect of Fiber on Autogenous Shrinkage Stress of High-Strength Cement Mortar (Shingo Miyazawa, Tokio Kuroi, and Hisashi Shimomura).

Effect of Higher Strength on Pavement Performance (Will Hansen, Ashraf R. Mohamed, Christopher R. Byrum, and Elin Jensen).

A New Tensile Tester for Cementitious Materials (Tahar El-Korchi, Shuji Tsubota, and Houssam Toutanji).

Processed Cellulose Fiber Reinforced Portland Cement Concrete (Neeraj Buch and Mohammad Owais Rehman).


Control of Concrete Rheology (Leslie Struble, Xihuang Ji, Guy Salinas and Richard Szecsy).

Mix-Design Method of Concrete with Impact on Rheological Requirements (T. Roshavelov, Ö. Petersson, and P. Billberg).


Composition of ASR Gels and Expansion of Mortars (Mitsunori Kawamura, Noriyuki Arano, and Tsutomu Terashima).

Mechanisms of the Suppression of ASR Expansion (Fly Ash from the View Point of Gel Composition by Mitsunori Kawamura, Noriyuki Arano, and Tsutomu Terashima).

Chloride Ion Activities in Synthetic Concrete Pore Solutions: Theoretical Models and Potentiometric Measurements (M.A. Climent, G. de Vera, A. Hidalgo, C. Andrade, and C. Alonso).

Delayed Ettringite Formation: Effect of Clinker Particle Size and Composition on Expansion of Mortar Bars (P.E. Grattan-Bellew, J.J. Beaudoin, and V.-G. Vallée).

Solidification of Selected Heavy Metals into Cement Mortars (Adolf Bajza, Ildikó Rouseková, Stanislav Uncik, and Vladimir Pavlik).

The Role of Calcium in Alkali-Silica Reaction (M.D.A. Thomas).

Microstructure, Elastic Properties, and Freeqe-Thaw Durability of High-Performance Concrete (Walid Baalbaki, Pierre-Claude Aïtcin, Guanshu Li, and Micheline Moranville).

An Evidence of Reduction in Fixation of Chloride Ions in the Cement Paste-Aggregate Interfacial Zone (Mitsuru Saito and Mitsunori Kawamura).

A Chemo-Physico-Mechanical Approach to ASR (Weihua Jin and Christian Meyer).

Delayed Ettringite Formation and the Mode of Concrete Failure (Sadananda Sahu, Boyd A. Clark, and Richard J. Lee).

Alkali-Silica Reaction - A Problem of the Insufficient Fundamental Knowledge of Its Chemical Base (W. Wieker, C. Hübert, D. Heidemann, and R. Ebert).

Cracking of Mortars Subjected to External Sulfate Attack (Manu Santhanam and Menashi D. Cohen).

Influence of the Cement Type on the Resistance of Concrete to an Agricultural Environment (Jean Pera, Sébastien Rols, Michel Chabannet, and Jean Ambroise).


Issues Related to Silica Fume Dispersion in Concrete (R.D. Hooten, R.F. Bleszynski, and A. Boddy).

Role of High-Reactivity Metakaolin and Silica Fume in Controlling the Effects of ASR in Concrete (Jan Olek and Wilkins Aquino).

Pozzolanic Activity of Incinerator Residues of Municipal Solid Waste (E. Fernández, A. Macías, and S. Goñi).

Calcined Paper Sludge: An Interesting Admixture for the Cement Industry (Jean Pera and Jean Ambroise).

Fine-Grained Cementless Concrete Containing Slag from Foundary (S.I. Pavlenko and V.I. Malyshkin).

Special Cements and Concretes.

Volume Stability of Densified Cement Pastes (Hua Ai and J. Francis Young).

Particle Packing Characteristics and Effects on High-Strength Cement (H. Li, M.R. Silsbee, and D.M. Roy).

Investigation of the Microstructure of Fly Ash-Fluorgypsum Binder (Yan Peiyu, Lin Xian, Yang Wenyan, and You Yi).