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Materials for Carbon Capture

Materials for Carbon Capture

De-en Jiang, Shannon Mahurin, Sheng Dai

ISBN: 978-1-119-09120-2

Jan 2019

520 pages

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As a frontier research area, carbon capture has been a major driving force behind many materials technologies. Development of advanced materials and processes for CO2 capture has a significant impact on the energy industry, society and our quality of life.

Materials for Carbon Capture will cover a wide range of advanced materials and technologies for CO2 capture, reviewing the present status of the field and recent advances so that readers can better understand the challenges and opportunities. The book will discuss materials synthesis, gas separations, membrane fabrication, and CO2 removal to highlight recent progress in materials and chemistry aspects of carbon capture.

Topics covered include:

Pre- and post-combustion carbon capture for clean-coal technology
Metal-organic frameworks as promising large-capacity adsorbents for CO2
Porous carbons
Carbonaceous membranes: processing and novel routes
Functionalized oxide materials
Polymeric membranes
Amine-based systems
Ionic liquids for chemisorption of CO2 and ionic liquid-based membranes
Graphene materials
In-Silico Screening
Dendrimer based materials

This comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art materials and technologies for carbon capture will allow industrial and academic researchers, students and policy makers to broaden their knowledge of gas separations and carbon capture, and inspire readers to further develop breakthrough, high performance materials to advance the field.