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Materials for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage



Materials for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage



This new volume covers the latest developments in the field of electrochemistry. It addresses a variety of topics including new materials development, materials synthesis, processing, characterization, property measurements, structure-property relationships, and device performance. A broader view of various electrochemical energy conversion devices make this book a critical read for scientists and engineers working in related fields.

Papers from the symposium at the 102nd Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, April 29-May 3, 2000, Missouri and the 103rd Annual Meeting, April 22-25, 2001, Indiana.

Preface ix

Papers from 2000 Annual Meeting

Oxygen Permeation Properties of the Intergrowth Oxide Sr3-x, La x Fe2-y, Co y O7-ä  3
F. Prado,T. Armstrong, A, Manthiram, and A. Caneiro

Structural Stability of Lithium-Extracted Li l-x, Ni l-y, Co y O2 II
R.V. Chebiam, F. Prado, and A. Manthiram

Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism of Formation of LiNi02 from Particulate Sol-Gel (PSG) Derived Precursors 19
C. C. Chang, J.Y Kim, Z. G.Yang, and R N. Kumta

Phase Evolution as a Function of Synthesis Temperature in the Li Mn3 0 4 t 8 (0.7 $ y =£ 1.33) System 27
S. Choi and A. Manthiram

Si/TiN Nanocomposite Anodes by High-Energy Mechanical Milling 35
l.-S. Kim, R N. Kumta, and G. E. Blomgren

Papers from 2001 Annual Meeting Gas Separation Membranes

Oxygen Permeation Through Mixed Conducting Perovskite Oxide Membranes 49
H. J. M. Bouwmeester and L M. van der Haar

Oxygen Permeation Properties of Perovskite-Related Intergrowth Oxides in the Sr-Fe-Co-O System 59
F. Prado,T. Armstrong, and A. Manthiram

Fe-Doped LaGa03-Based Perovskite Oxide as an Oxygen-Separating Membrane for CH4 Partial Oxidation 69
T. Ishihara.YTsuruta, H. Nishiguchi, and Y Takita

Synthesis and Oxygen Permeation Properties of Sr2.7, Lan0.3 ,Fe2-y, My, 07-8 7 S (M = Mn, Co and Ni) 79
F. Prado and A. Manthiram

Fuel Cells

Low-Cost Manufacturing Processes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 91
M. M. Seabaugh, B. E, McCormick, K. Hasinska, C.T. Holt, S. L Swartz, and W. J. Dawson

Manufacturing Routes and State of the A r t of the Planar Julich Anode-Supported Concept for Solid
Oxide Fuel Cells 99
W. A. Muelenberg, N. H. Menzler, H. R Buchkremer, and D. Stover

Materials and Microstructures for Improved Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 109
S. Huss, R. DoshiJ. Guan, G. Lear, K. Montgomery, N. Minh, and E. Ong

Pulsed Laser Deposition and DC-Sputtering of Yttria- Stabilized Zirconia for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Applications 117
B. Hobein.W. A. Muelenberg, F.Tietz, D. Stover, E. W. Kreutz, M. Cekada, and R Panjan

Microstructure-Electrical Property Relationship in Nanocrystalline Ce02Thin Films 127
V. Petrovsky, B. R Gorman, H. U. Anderson, and T Petrovsky

Electrical Measurements in Doped Zirconia- Ceria Ceramics 137
C. R. Foschini, L Perazolli. J. A. Várela, D. R F. Souza, and R I. R Filho

Effects of Dissolution and Exsolution of Ni inYSZ 147
S. Linderoth and N. Bonanos

Multilayered Ceramic Reactor for the Steam Reforming of Methanol into Hydrogen-Enriched Gas 157
D. Gervasio, S. Rogers, R. Koripella, S.Tasic, D. Zindel, R. Changrani, C. K. Dyer J. Hallmark, and D.Wilcox

Si02-P205-Zr02 Sol-Gel/Nafion Composite Membranes for PEMFC 167
M. Aparicio, L C. Klein, K.I Adjemian, and A, B. Bocarsly

Study of Glass/Metal Interfaces Under an Electric Field: Low Temperature/High Voltage 177
M.A.Alvarez and L C. Klein

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Olivine-Type Cathodes for Lithium Batteries 189
A.Yamada, M. Hosoya, S. C. Chung, and K. Hinokuma

Amorphous Manganese Oxide Cathodes for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries 205
D. Im and A. Manthiram

Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Spinel LiCo204 Cathodes 215
S. Choi and A. Manthiram

Designing Structurally Stable Layered Oxide Cathodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries 225
S. Choi and A. Manthiram

Modeling and Design of Intermetallic Electrodes for Lithium Batteries 235
R. Benedek, J.T.Vaughey, and M. M.Thackeray

New Nanostructured Silicon and Titanium Nitride Composite Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries 249
l.-S. Kim, R N. Kumta, and G. E. Blomgren

Index 259