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Maternal & Child Nutrition

Maternal & Child Nutrition

Edited By:Victoria Hall Moran and Rafael P�rez-Escamilla

Print ISSN: 1740-8695 Online ISSN: 1740-8709 Impact Factor: 3.233


Maternal & Child Nutrition addresses fundamental aspects of nutrition and its outcomes in women and their children, both in early and later life, and keeps its audience fully informed about new initiatives, the latest research findings and innovative ways of responding to changes in public attitudes and policy. Drawing from global sources, the Journal provides an invaluable source of up to date information for health professionals, academics and service users with interests in maternal and child nutrition. Its scope includes pre-conception, antenatal and postnatal maternal nutrition, women's nutrition throughout their reproductive years, and fetal, neonatal, infant, child and adolescent nutrition and their effects throughout life. Topics covered include:

  • Nutritional needs of mothers and their children in health and disease

  • Physiological, sociocultural, psychological, economic and political aspects of nutrition

  • Health Improvement

  • Health education

  • Health policy and assessment in practice

  • Inter-agency initiatives

  • Food safety and related environmental and regulatory issues

  • Nutritional risk assessment

  • Evaluation of interventions aimed at improving health

  • The role of nutrition in both healthy and vulnerable groups

  • Development of research methods, validation of measures