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Math for Your First- and Second-Grader: All You Need to Know to Be Your Child's Best Teacher

Math for Your First- and Second-Grader: All You Need to Know to Be Your Child's Best Teacher

Steve Slavin

ISBN: 978-0-471-04242-6

May 1995

288 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Make sure your child gets off to the right start in math! Help your child become more comfortable and confident with numbers Discover which mathematical concepts first-and second-graders should learn Enjoy helping your child master key math skills You can teach your child the basic skills that will lay the foundations for future success in math and science. Based on standard math curriculums, this book covers all the math that your first- and second-graders should be learning and gives you dozens of proven techniques for teaching these crucial skills. Steve Slavin, an educator with a special gift for math instruction, shows parents how to teach the fundamentals--counting, addition, subtraction, fractions, simple word problems, even the beginnings of multiplication and division--plus "new math" principles such as grouping. Simple activities build these skills in a fun way, step-by-step. All concerned parents, including home-schoolers, will applaud this confidence-building guide.
Partial table of contents:



Subtracting Single-Digit Numbers.

Addition and Substraction Drills.

Counting Money.

Introduction to Telling Time.

Word Problems with and Without Money.

Ordinal Numbers.

Counting to 100.


Mathematical Symbols.

Adding Three Numbers and Double-and Triple-Digit Numbers.

Word Problems in Addition and Subtraction.

Addition with Carrying.

Adding and Subtracting Money.

Telling Time.

Introduction to Multiplication and Division.

Second-Grade Final Exam.