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Mathematica Technology Resource Manual to accompany Differential Equations, 2e



Mathematica Technology Resource Manual to accompany Differential Equations, 2e

Robert L. Borrelli, Courtney S. Coleman, Jennifer Switkes

ISBN: 978-0-471-48386-1 January 2004 53 Pages


The Mathematica Technology Resource Manual, authored by Jennifer Switkes of California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, consists of tutorials that deal directly with the Mathematica computing situations that students may encounter as they work on homework problems from the text.
Introduction to the Tutorials.

Graphs of Functions.

1. Plotting a Function.

2. Plotting Several Curves.

3. Piecewise-Defined Functions.

4. Engineering Functions.

First-Order ODEs.

5. Numerical Solutions of ODEs.

6. Slope Fields.

7. Integral Curves.

8. Solution Formulas.

9. Euler's Method, Heun's Method, 4th-Order Runge-Kutta.

10. Laplace Transforms: Discontinuous Driving Terms.

Second-Order ODEs.

11. Orbits, Solution Curves, Component Curves.

12. Time-State Curves.

13. Discontinuous Driving Terms.

14. Solution Formulas.

15. Laplace Transforms: Dirac-Delta Driving Terms.

Systems of First-Order ODEs.

16. Orbits and Component Graphs.

17. Time-State Curves.

18. Direction Fields.

19. System of Three or More ODEs.

20. Solution Formulas.

21. Fourth-Order Runge-Kutta.

22. System of ODEs in Polar Form.

Additional Topics.

23. Plotting Partial Sums: Fourier Series.

24. Fourier Coefficients.

25. Recursion Relations: Series Solutions.


Common Functions and Constants in Mathematica.

Index of Mathematica Commands.