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Mathematical Modeling in the Social and Life Sciences

Mathematical Modeling in the Social and Life Sciences

Michael Olinick

ISBN: 978-1-118-80660-9

Apr 2014

588 pages



The goal of this book is to encourage the teaching and learning of mathematical model building relatively early in the undergraduate program. The text introduces the student to a number of important mathematical topics and to a variety of models in the social sciences, life sciences, and humanities.

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Chapter 01 Mathematical Models

Chapter 02 Stable and Unstable Arms Races

Chapter 03 Ecological Models: Single Species

Chapter 04 Ecological Models: Interacting Species

Chapter 05 Tumor Growth Models

Chapter 06 Social Choice and Voting Procedures

Chapter 07 Foundations of Measurement Theory

Chapter 08 Introduction to Utility Theory

Chapter 09 Equilibrium in an exchange economy

Chapter 10 Elementary Probability

Chapter 11 Markov Processes

Chapter 12 Two Models of Cultural Stability

Chapter 13 Paired-Associate Learning

Chapter 14 Epidemics

Chapter 15 Roulette Wheels and Hospital Beds: A Computer Simulation of Operating and Recovery Room Usage

Chapter 16 Game Theory

Chapter 17 Recidivism in the Criminal Justice System

Chapter 18 Evolutionary Game Theory

Chapter 19 Agent Based Simulation