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Maths Quest A Year 12 for Queensland 2E eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase)

Maths Quest A Year 12 for Queensland 2E eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase)

Lyn Elms, Nick Simpson, Tony MacPherson

ISBN: 978-1-742-46023-9

Apr 2010, Jacaranda

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Maths Quest Maths A Year 12 for Queensland  2E eGuidePLUS for teachers provides instant access to online versions of both student and teacher texts and supporting multimedia resources, making teacher planning and preparation easier! These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available to you online at the JacarandaPLUS website (

Your eGuidePLUS resources include:
• the entire textbook in electronic format
• SkillSHEETs, WorkSHEETs and chapter tests designed for easy customisation and editing
• interactive activities and a wealth of ICT resources
• electronic tutorials for key worked examples
• fully worked solutions to the exam practice sections
• a work program
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1. Simple and Compound Interest
2. Appreciation and Depreciation
3. Consumer Credit and investments
4. Exploring and understanding data
5. Navigation
6. Land Measurement
7. Linear programming
8. Networks
9. Critical Path analysis and queuing
10. Probability and the binomial distribution
11. The normal distribution and games of chance

Appendix: TI-89 Titanium graphics calculator