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Maths Quest Maths A Year 11 for Queensland and eBookPlus, 2nd Edition

Maths Quest Maths A Year 11 for Queensland and eBookPlus, 2nd Edition

Lyn Elms

ISBN: 978-0-731-40807-8

Sep 2008, Jacaranda

624 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A new edition of Jacaranda Maths Quest 11 General Mathematics Units 1 & 2 for Queensland Print & eBookPLUS + studyON is coming in 2018. Designed to help teachers unpack the new curriculum and help students at the point of learning, so that every student can experience success in the classroom, at home and thus ultimately in the exam. You will be able to purchase this title later this year, to learn more about the series visit the Jacaranda Queensland Senior Mathematics page.

Maths Quest Maths A Year 11 for QLD 2E
is part of a complete Maths package which includes Teacher Editions, Fully Worked Solution Manuals, and now also supported with eBookPLUS and eGuidePLUS!

The second editions of this highly successful maths series have been updated to meet the requirements of the revision of Maths Year 11 syllabus for implementation from 2009.

Textbook Features

  • New technology - this new edition contains explanations and screen shots for the CASIO fx-9860G AU and TI-Nspire CAS model of calculators. It also includes the equivalent screen shots for the TI-89 in an appendix at the back of the book recognising that many schools will continue to use this model
  • Extra modeling and problem solving style questions
  • Additional suggested learning experiences to support each topic
  • Icons to indicate supporting material on the accompanying JacarandaPLUS website. (See the Weblinks tab

Maths Quest Maths A Year 11 for QLD 2E eBookPLUS is an electronic version of the textbook and a complementary set of targeted digital resources. These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available to you online at the JacarandaPLUS website (

Your eBookPLUS resources include:

  • Electronic version of the student textbook in html format
  • Revision Worksheets and Test Yourself sets of multiple choice questions
  • Skillsheets to support students experiencing any difficulties
  • Excel spreadsheet files



Click here to view Maths Quest Maths A Year 11 for QLD 2E eBookPLUS.




  1. Earning money
  2. Taxation
  3. Spending money
  4. Length, area and volume
  5. Right-angled triangles and trigonometry
  6. Earth geometry
  7. Basics of construction
  8. Construction: The finishing touches
  9. Collecting and entering data
  10. Describing, exploring and comparing data
  11. Scatterplots and time series
  12. Introduction to probability