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Maths Quest Maths C Year 12 for Queensland 2nd Edition eGuidePLUS

Maths Quest Maths C Year 12 for Queensland 2nd Edition eGuidePLUS

Nick Simpson, Peter Posetti, F. Marc Saccoia

ISBN: 978-1-742-16177-8

Apr 2010, Jacaranda

400 pages

Select type: Loose-leaf

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Maths Quest Maths C Year 12 for Queensland Second Edition is a new edition of this highly successful student text designed to meet the requirements of the revision of the Maths C syllabus for implementation from 2009. Maths Quest for Queensland Years 11 and 12 are now fully supported by Teacher Editions, eBookPLUS, eGuidePLUS and Solutions Manuals.


What is eGuidePLUS?

eGuidePLUS for teachers contains a HTML version of the entire student text as well as a complimentary set of targeted electronic resources including answers to all the activities in the student text, additional readings, powerpoint slides for each syllabus topic and other engaging ICT activities.

eGuidePLUS is provided FREE with the Teacher Guide, but is also available for purchase separately.

eGuidePLUS can be accessed from Jacaranda PLUS


1.   Complex Numbers
2.   Matrices and Applications
3.   Vectors
4.   Integral Calculus and numerical methods
5.   Differential equations
6.   Structures and patterns
7.   Advanced periodic functions (option topic)
8.   Advanced exponential functions (option topic)
9.   Conics on the Cartesian and complex planes (option topic)
10. Parametric and polar equations of conic sections (option topic)
11. Dynamics 1 (option topic)
12. Dynamics 2 (option topic)

With the addition of:
• Answers printed in red next to most questions in exercises
• the eGuidePLUS, which includes additional resources, chapter tests and answers, and fully worked solutions