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Maximising the Benefits of Psychotherapy: A Practice-based Evidence Approach



Maximising the Benefits of Psychotherapy: A Practice-based Evidence Approach

David Green, Gary Latchford

ISBN: 978-1-119-96734-7 March 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 224 Pages


Maximising the Benefits of Psychotherapy critiques Evidence-Based Practice and describes other approaches to improving the effectiveness of therapy, such as Practice-Based Evidence and the use of client feedback. The authors include a summary of key research findings and an accessible guide to applying these ideas to therapeutic practice.
  • Puts forward a critique of existing research claiming that certain psychotherapy programmes are more effective than others in treating specific disorders
  • Includes an accessible summary of key research findings, a practical introduction to a practice-based evidence approach, and a series of detailed case studies
  • Offers a timely alternative to the prevailing wisdom in the mental health field by challenging the practical logic of the Evidence-Based Practice approach
  • Reviews the empirical evidence examining the effects of client feedback on psychotherapy outcomes
List of Figures vii

About the Authors ix

Acknowledgements xi

1 The Equivalence of Psychotherapies 1

2 Research Into Psychotherapy: What Works and How? 23

3 The Conventional Wisdom 45

4 The Real Experimenter 67

5 Practice-based Evidence 87

6 Using Client Feedback in Psychotherapy – The Research 109

7 Using Client Feedback in Psychotherapy – In Practice 129

8 Ideas in Action 151

9 Transforming Training and Supervision 171

10 Conclusions and Some Recommendations 195

Subject Index 211

“In keeping with the authors’ clear preference for the on-going monitoring of client work, is the belief that on-going monitoring of the supervisory dyad mirrors and enhances the supervisee’s learning, and for that reason alone I would recommend this book to both the practising therapist and those in training.”  (Counselling & Psychotherapy Research, 2 December 2014)