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Maya 4.5 Bible

Maya 4.5 Bible

Joe Spadaro, Don Kim

ISBN: 978-0-764-53645-8

Jan 2003

1244 pages

Select type: Paperback

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* All the information needed to create professional-quality 3D animations and visual effects in Maya, the Alias
* Wavefront/Silicon Graphics software used for special effects in movies such as Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings
* Explains how to move a project from concept to completion-an ideal quick-start alternative to the fourteen volumes of official documentation
* Covers everything from interface basics and modeling to animation, character setup, and effects
* Concise tutorial allows the Maya user to learn by doing with the help of behind-the-scenes production examples from animated television programs
* CD-ROM includes sample models, scripts, shaders, and textures



Quick Start.

Part I: Getting Started with Maya 4.5.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Maya.

Chapter 2: Exploring the Maya User Interface.

Chapter 3: Working in 3D Space.

Part II: Modeling.

Chapter 4: NURBS Modeling.

Chapter 5: Polygon Modeling.

Part III: Using the Hypershade.

Chapter 6: Shaders.

Chapter 7: Textures.

Chapter 8: Lighting.

Chapter 9: Cameras.

Part IV: Rendering.

Chapter 10: Software Rendering.

Chapter 11: Interactive Photorealistic Rendering.

Chapter 12: Hardware Rendering.

Chapter 13: Render Wrangling.

Part V: The Maya Workflow.

Chapter 14: Using Artisan.

Chapter 15: Using MEL.

Part VI: Animating in Maya.

Chapter 16: Keyframe Animation.

Chapter 17: Fine-Tuning Keyframes.

Chapter 18: Set-Driven Keys.

Chapter 19: Path Animation.

Chapter 20: Deformers.

Chapter 21: Expressions.

Chapter 22: Nonlinear Animation.

Part VII: Character Animation in Maya.

Chapter 23: Character Setup.

Chapter 24: Inverse Kinematics and Constraints.

Chapter 25: Character Animation.

Chapter 26: Animating Multiple Deformers.

Part VIII: Creating Special Effects.

Chapter 27: Using Dynamics.

Chapter 28: Using Paint Effects.

Part IX: The Maya Pipeline.

Chapter 29: Making Connections.

Chapter 30: Using Relationship Editors.

Part X: Compositing and Postproduction.

Chapter 31: Compositing.

Chapter 32: Outputting to Video and Film.

Appendix: What’s on the CD-ROM?


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