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Means of Escape from Fire

M. J. Billington, Alex Copping, Anthony Ferguson

ISBN: 978-0-470-75845-8 January 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 292 Pages


The provision of an adequate means of escape from fire is fundamental to the design of new buildings and to the alteration, change of use or extension of existing buildings. It is essential that means of escape are considered at the earliest stage of a project as mistakes are very expensive to correct later in the design.

There is a great deal of legislation on means of escape design and control, but this is scattered throughout a large number of statutes, regulations and guidance documents. Many buildings need to be licensed and/or registered, as well as requiring certification and Building Regulation compliance.

This book provides an invaluable reference on the subject for architects, surveyors and building control officers. It:

? identifies the legislation which applies to any particular building use

? describes the general principles of designing means of escape, together with a ten step approach for a range of residential and non-residential buildings

? considers alternative design options based on fire safety engineering

? outlines fire safety management in premises in use as an aid to employers, who have a statutory duty to undertake fire risk assessments.

Means of escape - the background; New and altered buildings - the statutory requirements; Buildings in use - the statutory requirements; Means of escape - general principles; Means of escape - principles in practice; Dwellinghouses, flats and maisonettes; Application to buildings other than dwellings; Modification of the basic principles of means of escape; New approaches 1: BS999: Part 1 Means of escape; New approaches 2: Fire safety engineering; Management of fire safety; Appendix A Means of escape case study; Appendix B Fire risk assessment case study
* fire safety design poses major problems for construction professionals and building managers
* covers both simple and complex buildings, and new and existing structures
* features new approaches, including fire safety engineering
* covers recent changes to the Building Regulations
* co-written by the author of Blackwell's 'Building Regulations Explained and Illustrated' (Powell-Smith and Billington)