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Measuring Team Performance: A Step-by-Step, Customizable Approach for Managers, Facilitators, and Team Leaders



Measuring Team Performance: A Step-by-Step, Customizable Approach for Managers, Facilitators, and Team Leaders

Steven D. Jones, Don J. Schilling

ISBN: 978-0-787-98407-6 August 2000 Jossey-Bass 272 Pages


So, you've empowered your teams to make the decisions that lead to success. But how do you measure their progress and keep them accountable? This book outlines a field-tested measurement system that can be customized to fit any team. It's a system that involves every team member as it factors in customer concerns, organizational strategy, and other big-picture issues critical to success. Case studies of teams that have used this approach--including the winners of Xerox's coveted X-Award--illustrate how the system actually works. And the automated measurement system on the free CD-ROM helps you design your own system with confidence.
About the Authors.


Where to Begin: The Basics of Team Performance Measurement.

Developing Team Performance Measures: Measuring What Matters.

Hard-to-Measure Teams: Quantifying Performance.

Seeing the Big Picture: Integrating the Measurement System into a Composite Score.

Team Members as Business Partners: Xerox Corporation.

Measurement in a Continuous Process Environment: Eastman Chemical Company.

Automating Measurement: Customizing the Accompanying Spreadsheet.

Performance Improvement Methods: Using Measurement to Spur Results.

Fueling Performance: Performance-Based Team Incentives.




How to Use the CD-ROM.

Teams on Track.
"Steve and Don's book gives the reader a practical guide for developing a team's vital measurement system. This work serves as a very useful road map in helping teams determine their future as well as measuring their effectiveness."(Michael McCall, manager, performance work systems, NCH Corporation)

"Measuring Team Performance gives teams the means to clearly demonstrate their added value to bottom-line results. It's a compelling guide that shows how to connect with customers and business processes. A convincing breakthrough in team measurement that has the power to get the value of team performance into the boardroom."(V. Peter Johnson, vice president of human resources, AT Plastics, Inc.)