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Measuring the Value of Information Technology

Measuring the Value of Information Technology

John S. Hares, Duncan Royle

ISBN: 978-0-470-86582-8

Nov 1994

280 pages

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Combines disparate techniques to provide a staged structure and sequence in which they can be applied. Describes methods for identifying investment opportunities and ensuring that they support an organization's business objectives. Provides techniques for valuing the financial investment made in an opportunity and the calculation of expected returns, taking into account all factors affecting the return. Explains how the output product of one method can be used as an input to another for further finessing. Criticizes many of the existing IT techniques and argues that a simple structural technique which really works is esential.
Investment Appraisal—What Is It?.

Investment Investigation.

Investment Measurement I. Pitfalls, Misuse and Abuse of the DCF Techniques.

Investment Measurement II.

Investment Measurements III.

Information Gathering.

Benefits Realisation.

Worked Example of the IA Method.

The Other Techniques.