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Mechanical Behavior of Crustal Rocks: The Handin Volume

Mechanical Behavior of Crustal Rocks: The Handin Volume

N. L. Carter (Editor), M. Friedman (Editor), J. M. Logan (Editor), D. W. Stearns (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66380-6

Mar 2013

326 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 24 (The Handin Volume).

John Walter Handin was born June 27, 1919, in Salt Lake City, but his family moved soon thereafter to west Los Angeles, then a lovely and exciting place in which to grow up. The Santa Monica Mountains were a wilderness to be explored, and the Pacific surf could be dared for a dime's carfare.

John Walter Handin
The Editors ix

Mechanics of Deformation of Crustal Rocks: Historical Development
M. King Hubbert 1

Calcite Fabrics in Experimental Shear Zones
M. Friedman and N. G. Higgs 11

Anisotropy in the Rheology of Hydrolytically Weakened Synthetic Quartz Crystals
Mark F. Linker and Stephen H. Kirby 29

An Experimental Study of the Role of Water in Quartz Deformation
K. R. S.S. Kekulawala, M. S. Paterson, and J. N. Boland 49

Creep and Creep Rupture of Granitic Rocks
Neville L. Carter, Douglas A. Anderson, Francis D. Hansen, and Robert L. Kranz 61

Activation Volume for Steady State Creep in Polycrystalline CsCl: Cesium Chloride Structure
H. C. Heard and S. H. Kirby 83

Stiff Testing Machines, Stick Slip Sliding, and the Stability of Rock Deformation
Neville G. W. Cook 93

Constitutive Properties of Faults With Simulated Gouge
James H. Dieterich 103

Laboratory Studies on Natural Gouge From the U.S. Geological Survey Dry Lake Valley No.
I Well, San Andreas Fault Zone
John M. Logan, N. G. Higgs, and M. Friedman 121

Pore Volume Changes During Frictional Sliding of Simulated Faults
L. W. Teufel 135

Fluid Flow Along Very Smooth Joints at Effective Pressures up to 200 Megapascals
Terry Engelder and Christopher H. Scholz 147

Thermomechanical Properties of Galesville Sandstone
J. D. Blacic, P. H. Halleck, P. D'Onfro, and R. E. Riecker 153

Field Mechanical Properties of a Jointed Sandstone
H. S. Swolfs, C. E. Brechtel, W. F. Brace, and H. R. Pratt 161

Case for Low Deviatoric Stress in the Lithosphere
Barry Raleigh and Jack Evernden 173

The Origin of Measured Residual Strains in Crustal Rocks
Earl R. Hoskins and James E. Russell 187

Stress Measurements Via Shallow Overcoring Near the San Andreas Fault
Terry E. Tullis 199

Understanding Faulting in the Shallow Crust: Contributions of Selected Experimental and
Theoretical Studies
D. W. Stearns, G. D. Couples, W. R. Jamison, and J. D. Morse 215

Probabilistic Treatment of Faulting in Geologic Media
Fred A. Donath and Robert M. Cranwell 231

Strain in the Ramp Regions of Two Minor Thrusts, Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains
J. H. Spang, T. L. Wolcott, and S. Serra 243

Analysis of a Horizontal Catastrophic Landslide
E.G. Bombolakis 251

A Constitutive Equation for One-Dimensional Transient and Steady State Flow of Solids
Anthony F. Gangi 275

A Nonlinear Least Squares Technique for Determining Multiple-Mechanism, High-Temperature
Creep Flow Laws
David K. Parrish and Anthony F. Gangi 287

Wavefronts in Transversely Isotropic Media
H. Ode 299

A Discussion of the Approximation of Subsurface (Burial) Stress Conditions in Laboratory Experiments
R. A. Nelson 311

Reflections on the Value of Laboratory Tests on Rocks
P.E. Gretener 323