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Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, Volume 3: Manufacturing and Management, 4th Edition

Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, Volume 3: Manufacturing and Management, 4th Edition

Myer Kutz (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-11284-7

Feb 2015

880 pages

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Full coverage of manufacturing and management in mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, Fourth Edition provides a quick guide to specialized areas that engineers may encounter in their work, providing access to the basics of each and pointing toward trusted resources for further reading, if needed. The book's accessible information offers discussions, examples, and analyses of the topics covered, rather than the straight data, formulas, and calculations found in other handbooks. No single engineer can be a specialist in all areas that they are called upon to work in. It's a discipline that covers a broad range of topics that are used as the building blocks for specialized areas, including aerospace, chemical, materials, nuclear, electrical, and general engineering.

This third volume of Mechanical Engineers' Handbook covers Manufacturing & Management, and provides accessible and in-depth access to the topics encountered regularly in the discipline: environmentally benign manufacturing, production planning, production processes and equipment, manufacturing systems evaluation, coatings and surface engineering, physical vapor deposition, mechanical fasteners, seal technology, statistical quality control, nondestructive inspection, intelligent control of material handling systems, and much more.

  • Presents the most comprehensive coverage of the entire discipline of Mechanical Engineering
  • Focuses on the explanation and analysis of the concepts presented as opposed to a straight listing of formulas and data found in other handbooks
  • Offers the option of being purchased as a four-book set or as single books
  • Comes in a subscription format through the Wiley Online Library and in electronic and other custom formats

Engineers at all levels of industry, government, or private consulting practice will find Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, Volume 3 an "off-the-shelf" reference they'll turn to again and again.

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Preface ix

Vision for the Fourth Edition xi

Contributors xiii


1. Organization, Management, and Improvement of Manufacturing Systems 3
Keith M. Gardiner

2. Environmentally Benign Manufacturing 29
William E. Biles

3. Production Planning 53
Bhaba R. Sarker, Dennis B. Webster, and Thomas G. Ray

4. Production Processes and Equipment 115
Magd E. Zohdi, William E. Biles, and Dennis B. Webster

5. Manufacturing Systems Evaluation 183
Walter W. Olson

6. Metal Forming, Shaping, and Casting 195
Magd E. Zohdi and William E. Biles

7. Coatings and Surface Engineering: Physical Vapor Deposition 235
Allan Matthews and Suzanne L. Rohde

8. Mechanical Fasteners 255
Murray J. Roblin and Updated by Anthony Luscher

9. Seal Technology 283
Bruce M. Steinetz

10. Statistical Quality Control 325
Magd E. Zohdi

11. Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 339
William E. Biles and Magd E. Zohdi

12. TRIZ 361
James E. McMunigal, Steven Ungvari, Michael Slocum, and Ruth E. McMunigal

13. Data Exchange Using STEP 391
Martin Hardwick

14. Achieving Enterprise Goals with New Process Technology 397
Steve W. Tuszynski

15. Nondestructive Inspection 441
Robert L. Crane and Giles Dillingham

16. Materials Handling System Design 497
Sunderesh S. Heragu and Banu Ekren


17. Intelligent Control of Material Handling Systems 515
Kasper Hallenborg

18. Managing People in Engineering and Technology 559
Hans J. Thamhain

19. Engineering Economy 581
Kate D. Abel

20. Evaluating and Selecting Technology-Based Projects 605
Hans J. Thamhain

21. Lean Management 617
Eric H. Stapp and Cynthia M. Sabelhaus

22. Total Quality Management for Mechanical Engineers 635
Alan Kemerling

23. Registrations, Certifications, and Awards 667
Cynthia M. Sabelhaus and Eric H. Stapp

24. Safety Engineering 691
Jack B. ReVelle

25. What the Law Requires of the Engineer 749
Alvin S. Weinstein and Martin S. Chizek

26. Patents 773
David A. Burge and Benjamin D. Burge

27. Online Information Resources for Mechanical Engineers 805
Robert N. Schwarzwalder, Jr.

28. Sources of Mechanical Engineering Information 823
Fritz Dusold and Myer Kutz

Index 831