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Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites IV, Volume 29, Issue 2

Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites IV, Volume 29, Issue 2

Jonathan Salem (Editor), Greg Hilmas (Editor), William G. Fahrenholtz (Editor), Tatsuki Ohji (Volume Editor), Andrew Wereszczak (Volume Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-34492-7

Dec 2008

200 pages

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This book provides a one-stop resource with current research on advanced ceramics. It is a collection of papers from The American Ceramic Society s 32nd International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, January 27-February 1, 2008. Topics include Processing-Microstructure-Mechanical Properties Correlations; Mechanical Performance of Ternary Compounds; Mechanical Performance of Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics; and more. Articles are logically organized to provide insight into various aspects of ceramic materials and advanced ceramics. This is a valuable, up-to-date resource for researchers working in ceramics engineering.



Synthesis and Phase Development in the Cr-AI-N System (M-L. Antti, Y-B. Cheng, and M. Odén).

Phase Evolution and Properties of Ti2AIN Based Materials, Obtained by SHS Method (L. Chlubny, J. Lis, and M.M. Bucko).

Synthesis of Ti3SiC2 by Reaction of TiC and Si Powders (Ida Kero, Marta-Lena Antti, and Magnus Odén).

Toughening of a ZrC Particle-Reinforced Ti3AIC2 Composite (G.M. Song, Q.Xu, W.G. Sloof, S.B. Li, and S. van der Zwaag).

Microstructure and Properties of the Cermets Based on Ti(C,N) (S.Q. Zhou, W. Zhao, W.H. Xiong).

Scratch-Induced Deformation and Residual Stress in a Zirconium Diboride-Silicon Carbide Composite (Dipankar Ghosh, Ghatu Subhash, and Nina Orlovskaya).

Finite Element Modeling of Internal Stress Factors for ZrB2-Sic Ceramics (Michael P. Teague, Gregory E. Hilmas, and William G. Fahrenholtz).

Effects of Microstructural Anisotropy on Fracture Behavior of Heat-Pressed Glass-Ceramics and Glass-Infiltrated Alumina Composites for Dental Restorations (Humberto N. Yoshimura, Carla C. Gonzaga, Paulo F. Cesar, and Walter G. Miranda, Jr.)


Mechanical Properties of Hi-NICALON S and SA3 Fiber Reinforced SiC/SiC Minicomposites (C. Sauder, A. Brusson, and J. Lamon).

The Effect of Holes on the Residual Strength of SiC/SiC Ceramic Composites (G. Ojard, Y. Gowayed, U. Santhosh, J. Ahmad, R. Miller, and R. John).

Through Thickness Modulus (E33) of Ceramic Matrix Composites: Mechanical Test Method Confirmation (G. Ojard, T. Barnett, A. Calomino, Y. Gowayed, U. Santhosh, J. Ahmaad, R. Miller. and R. John).

The Effects of Si Content and Sic Polytype on the Microstructure and Properties of RBSC (A.L. Marshall, P. Chhillar, P. Karandikar, A. McCorrnick, and M.K. Aghajanian).

In-Situ Reaction Sintering of Porous Mullite-Bonded Silicon Carbide, Its Mechanical Behavior and High Temperature Applications (Neelkanth Bardhan and Parag Bhargava).

Study on Elasto-Plastic Behavior of Different Carbon Types in Carbon/Carbon Composites (Soydan Ozcan, Jale Tezcan, Jane Y. Howe, and Peter Filip).

Effects of Temperature and Steam Environment on Creep Behavior of an Oxide-Oxide Ceramic Composite (J.C. Braun and M.B. Ruggles-Wrenn).

Characterization of Foreign Object Damage in an Oxide/Oxide Composite at Ambient Temperature (Sung R. Choi and Donald J. Alexander).

Processing and Properties of Fiber Reinforced Barium Aluminosilicate Composites for High Temperature Radomes (Richard Cass, Geoffrey Eadon, and Paul Wentzel).

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