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Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites V, Volume 31, Issue 2



Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites V, Volume 31, Issue 2



This volume is a compilation of papers presented in the Mechanical Behavior and Performance of Ceramics & Composites symposium during the 34th International Conference & Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC) held January 24-29, 2010, in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

The Mechanical Behavior and Performance of Ceramics & Composites symposium was one of the largest symposia in terms of the number (>100) of presentations at the ICACC’10.  This symposium covered wide ranging and cutting-edge topics on mechanical properties and reliability of ceramics and composites and their correlations to processing, microstructure, and environmental effects. Symposium topics included:

• Ceramics and composites for engine applications
• Design and life prediction methodologies
• Environmental effects on mechanical properties
• Mechanical behavior of porous ceramics
• Ultra high temperature ceramics
• Ternary compounds
• Mechanics & characterization of nanomaterials and devices
• Novel test methods and equipment
• Processing - microstructure - mechanical properties correlations
• Ceramics & composites joining and testing
• NDE of ceramic components

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Preface ix

Introduction xi


The Effects of Heating Rate on Magnesia Doped Alumina Prepared bySPS 3
B. Apak, G. Goller, F. C. Sahin, and O. Yucel

Effect of Coke Calcination Temperature on the Processing of Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide 9
Rodrigo P. Silva, Claudio V. Rocha, Marysilvia F. Costa, and Celio A. Costa

Pressureless Sintering of Mullite-Ceria-Doped Zirconia-Silicon Carbide Composites 15
Barry A. Bender, Michael Vick, and Ming-Jen Pan

The Role of Carbon in Processing Hot Pressed Aluminium Nitride Doped Silicon Carbide 27
N. Ur-rehman, P. Brown, and L. J. Vandeperre


Microstructure and High-Temperature Properties of Si-B-C-N MA-Powders and Ceramic 37
Yu Zhou, Zhi-Hua Yang, De-Chang Jia, and Xiao-Ming Duan

Influence of Water Quality on Corrosion of Multi-Oxide Engineering Ceramics 51
Marju Mannila and Antti Häkkinen

The Effect of Load and Temperature on Hardness of ZrB2 Composites 59
J. Wang, F. Giuliani, and L. J. Vandeperre

Nano-lndentation Hardness Measurements as a Characterization Technique of SiC and Pyrolytic Carbon Layers of Experimental PBMR Coated Particles 69
I. J. van Rooyen, E. Nquma, J. Mahlangu, and J. H. Neethling

High Temperature Mechanical Loss of Nanostructured Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (3Y-TZP) Reinforced with Carbon Nanotubes 79
Mehdi Mazaheri, Daniele Mari, Robert Schaller, and Zhijian Shen

The Influence of Nanosize Carbon Concentration on Mechanical Properties of RBSIC 87
Cristiane Evelise Ribeiro da Silva, Rosa Trejo, Sanghoon Shim, Edgar Lara-Curzio, and Celio A. Costa

Si/SiC and Diamond Composites: Microstructure-Mechanical Properties Correlation 97
S. Salamone, R. Neill, and M. Aghajanian

Mechanical Properties and Failure Criterion of Silicon-Based Joints 107
L. M. Nguyen, O. Gillia, Emmanuelle Rivière, and Dominique Leguillon

Effect of Various SnAgTi-Alloys and Laser Induced Texturing on the Shear Strength of Laser Brazed SiC-Steel-Joints 119
I. Südmeyer, M. Rohde, T. Fürst

Characterization of Poled Single-Layer PZT for Piezo Stack in Fuel Injection System 127
Hong Wang, Tadashi Matsunaga, and Hua-Tay Lin

Thermal Tomographie Imaging for Nondestructive Evaluation of Ceramic Composite Materials 137
J. G. Sun

A More Comprehensive NDE: PCRT for Ceramic Components 145
Leanne Jauriqui and Lem Hunter


Microstructure and Thermodynamic Descriptions of SiC-Based Ceramic Fibers 159
Géraldine Puyoo, Georges Chollon, René Pailler, and Francis Teyssandier

Static Fatigue of Multifilament Tows at High Temperatures above 900°C 173
A. Laforèt and J. Lamon

3D Multiscale Modeling of the Mechanical Behavior of Woven Composite Materials 185
G. Couégnat, E. Martin, and J. Lamon

Mode I Interlaminar Fracture Toughness Testing of a Ceramic Matrix Composite 195
G. Ojard, T. Barnett, M. Dahlen, U. Santhosh, J. Ahmad, and R. Miller

Comparative Study of Tensile Properties of Uni-Directional Single-Tow SiC-Matrix Composites Reinforced with Various Near-Stoichiometric SiC Fibers 207
Kazumi Ozawa, Yutai Katoh, Edgar Lara-Curzio, Lance L. Snead, and Takashi Nozawa

Foreign Object Damage in an N720/Alumina Oxide/Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composite 221
Sung R. Choi, David C. Faucett, and Donald J. Alexander

Static Contact Damage in an N720/Alumina Oxide/Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composite with Reference to Foreign Object Damage 233
David C. Faucett, Donald J. Alexander, Sung R. Choi

Effects of Environment on Creep Behavior of NEXTEL™720/ Alumina-Mullite Ceramic Composite with ±45° Fiber Orientation at1200°C 245
M. Ozer and M. B. Ruggles-Wrenn

Fatigue Behavior of an Oxide/Oxide CMC under Combustion Environment 261
Shankar Mall and Andrew R. Nye


Particle Erosion Wear Behavior of New Conceptual SiC/SiC Composites 275
Min-Soo Sun, Tatsuya Hinoki, and Akira Kohyama

Threshold of Ring Crack Initiation on CVD-SiC under Particle Impact 285
Min-Soo Suh, Sang-Yeob Oh, Tatsuya Hinoki, Chang-Min Suh, and Akira Kohyama

Advanced Ceramic-Steel Pairings under Permanent Slip for Dry Running Clutch Systems 295
Albert Albers and Michael Meid

Development and Validation of Lubricated Multi-Disk Clutch Systems with Advanced Ceramics 309
Albert Albers, Johannes Bernhardt, and Sascha Ott


Virtual Testing and Simulation of Multiple Cracking in Transverse Tows of Woven CMCs 319
Pierre Pineau, Guillaume Couégnat, and Jacques Lamon

Isothermal ChemÌcal Vapor Infiltration Modeling by Random Walks in CMT 3D Images at Two Scales 329
G. L. Vignoles, I. Szelengowicz, W. Ros, C. Mulat, and C. Germain

Adsorption and Surface Diffusion of Oxygen on 3C and 2H-SÌC Polytypes: Numerical Studies 341
Junjie Wang, Litong Zhang, Qinfeng Zeng, and G. L. Vignoles

Effective Surface Recession Laws for the Physico-Chemical Ablation of C/C Composite Materials 351
G. L. Vignoles, J. Lachaud, Y. Aspa, and M. Quintard

Model of the Influence of Damage on the Thermal Properties of Ceramic Matrix Composites 361
Jalal El Yagoubi, Jacques Lamon, and Jean-Christophe Batsale

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