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Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites VI, Volume 32, Issue 2



Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites VI, Volume 32, Issue 2


This book is a collection of papers from The American Ceramic Society's 35th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, held in Daytona Beach, Florida, January 23-28, 2011. This issue includes papers presented in the Mechanical Behavior and Performance of Ceramics & Composites Symposium on topics such as processing-microstructure properties correlations; fracture mechanics, modeling and testing; tribological properties; applications; and processing.
Preface ix

Introduction xi


Oxide Fiber Coatings for Silicon Carbide Ceramic Matrix Composites 3
Emmanuel E. Boakye, Pavel S. Mogilevsky, T. A. Parthasarathy, Randall S. Hay, Michael K. Cinibulk, and M. Ahrens

Transmission Electron Microscopy of Rare-Earth Orthophosphate Fiber-Matrix Interphases that Deform by Transformation Plasticity During Fiber Push-Out 15
R. S. Hay, G. E. Fair, E. E. Boakye, P. Mogilevsky, T. A. Parthasarathy, M. Ahrens, and T. J. Godar

Processing of Oxide/Oxide Composites for Gas Turbine Applications Based on Braiding Technique (OXITEX) 23
Christian Wilhelmi, Thays Machry, Ralf Knoche, and Dietmar Koch


Relationships Between Fiber Strength, Passive Oxidation and Scale Crystallization Kinetics of Hi-Nicalon-S SiC Fibers 39
R. S. Hay, G. E. Fair, R. Bouffioux, E. Urban, J. Morrow, A. Hart, and M. Wilson


Specimen Stress Equilibrium in Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Tests of Ceramics at High Strain Rate 55
Jianming Yuan, Jan Ma, and Geoffrey E.B. Tan

Residual Stress in Ceramic Zirconia-Porcelain Crowns by Nanoindentation 67
Y. Zhang and J. C. Hanan

Design and Development Approach for Gas Turbine Combustion Chambers Made of Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites 77
Ralf Knoche, Erich Werth, Markus Weth, Jesus Gomez Garcia, Christian Wilhelmi, and Miklos Gerendäs

Effects of Preloading on Foreign Object Damage in an N720/Alumina Oxide/Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composite 89
D. Calvin Faucett and Sung R. Choi

Frequency and Hold-Time Effects on Durability of Melt-Infiltrated SiC/SiC 101
G. Ojard, Y. Gowayed, G. Morscher, U. Santhosh, J. Ahmad, R. Miller, and R. John

Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization of Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide Processed with Petroleum Coke 111
Rodrigo P. Silva and Celio A. Costa


Identification of Damage Modes in Ceramic Matrix Composites by Acoustic Emission Signal Pattern Recognition 123
N. Godin, M. R'Mili, P. Reynaud, G. Fantozzi, and J. Lamon

An Indentation Based Non-Destructive Evaluation Technique for Thermal Barrier Coating Spallation Prediction 135
J. M. Tannenbaum, K. Lee, B. S.-J. Kang, and M. A. Alvin

Determination of Apparent Porosity Level of Refractory Concrete Using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Technique and Image Analysis 151
Anja Terzic , Ljubica Pavlovic , and Vojislav Mitic


Sintering Behavior of Lithium-Titanate Pebbles: Modifications of Microstructure and Pore Morphology 165
D. Mandal, D. Sen, S. Mazumder, MRK Shenoi, S. Ramnathan, and D. Sathiyamoorthy

Silicon Carbide Based Sandwich Structures: Processing and Properties 171
Alberto Ortona, Claudio D'Angelo, Simone Pusteria, and Sandra Gianella

Chemically Bonded Phosphate Ceramics with Different Fiber Reinforcements 181
H. A. Colorado, C. Hiel, and H. T. Hahn

Preceramic-Polymer-Bonded SiC Preforms for High Volume Fraction SiCp/AI Composites 189
Kuljira Sujirote, Kannigar Dateraksa, Sukunthakan Ngernbamrung, Ryan McCuiston, Trinmet Sungkapan, and Jessada Wannasin

Novel High Temperature Wound Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites Manufactured via Freeze Gelation 201
Thays Machry, Christian Wilhelmi, and Dietmar Koch

Effect of Reaction Time on Composition and Properties of SiC-Diamond Ceramic Composites 213
S. Salamone, and O. Spriggs

Pressureless Sintering of Boron Carbide Using Amorphous Boron and SiC as Additives 223
Celio A. Costa, Victor Manuel, Jose Brant de Campos, and Pedro Augusto de S.L. Cosentino

Effect of Reactive Heat Treatment on Properties of AI-Mg-B4C Composites 229
M. K. Aghajanian, A. L. McCormick, and W. M. Waggoner

Cohesive Strength of Dry Powders Using Rheology 237
Nicholas Ku, Sara Reynaud, Chuck Rohn, and Rich Haber

Effect of Heat Treatment on Thermal Properties of Pitch-Based Carbon Fiber and Pan-Based Carbon Fiber Carbon-Carbon Composites 245
Sardar S. Iqbal, Ralph Dinwiddie, Wallace Porter, Michael Lance, and Peter Filip


Ceramic Foam/Aluminium Alloy Interpenetrating Composites for Wear Resistance Applications 257
J. Liu, J, Binner, R. Higginson, and C. Munnings

An Experimental Study on the Effects of SiC on the Sintering and Mechanical Properties of Cr3C2-NiCr Cermets 271
Ali Ozer, Waltraud M. Kriven, and Yahya Kemal Tur

Increasing the Operating Pressure of Gasoline Injection Pumps via Ceramic Sliding Systems 281
C. Pfister, H. Kubach, and U. Spicher

Property and Microstructural Correlations to Wear on Reaction Bonded Materials 297
A. L. Marshall and S. Salamone

Author Index 305