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Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites VIII, Volume 34, Issue 2



Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites VIII, Volume 34, Issue 2


Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings Volume 34, Issue 2 - Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites VIII 

A collection of 21 papers from The American Ceramic Society’s 37th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, held in Daytona Beach, Florida, January 27-February 1, 2013. This issue includes papers presented in Symposium 1 -
Mechanical Behavior and Performance of Ceramics and Composites.

Preface ix

Introduction xi


Acoustic Emission and Electrical Resistivity Monitoring of SiC/SiC Composite Cyclic Behavior 3
Christopher R. Baker and Gregory N. Morscher

Characterization of SiC/SiCN Ceramic Matrix Composites with Monazite Fiber Coating 11
Enrico Klatt, Klemens Kelm, Martin FrieG, Dietmar Koch, and Heinz Voggenreiter

Fiber, Porosity and Weave Effects on Properties of Ceramic Matrix Composites 23
G. Ojard, J. Cuneo, I. Smyth, E. Prevost, Y. Gowayed, U. Santhosh, and A. Calomino

Weave and Fiber Volume Effects on Durability of Ceramic Matrix Composites 33
G. Ojard, E. Prevost, U. Santhosh, R. Naik, and D. C. Jarmon

Cooling Performance Tests of a CMC Nozzle with Annular Sector Cascade Rig 45
Kozo Nita, Yoji Okita, and Chiyuki Nakamata

Study on Strength Prediction Model for Unidirectional Composites 57
Hongjian Zhang, Weidong Wen, Haitao Cui, Hui Yuan, and Jianfeng Xiao


The Effect of the Addition of Ceria Stabilized Zirconia on the Creep of Mullite 69
D. Glymond, M. Vick, M.-J. Pan, F. Giuliani, and L. J. Vandeperre

Microstructural Evolution of CVD Amorphous B-C Ceramics Heat Treated: Experimental Characterization and Atomistic Simulation 79
Camille Pallier, Georges Chollon, Patrick Weisbecker, Jean-Marc Leyssale, and F. Teyssandier

Densification of SiC with AIN-Nd203 Sintering Additives 89
Laner Wu, Yong Jiang, Wenzhou Sun, Yuhong Chen, and Zhenkun Huang

Solid-Solution of Nitrogen-Containing Rare Earth Aluminates R2AI03N (R=Nd and Sm) 95
Yong Jiang, Laner Wu, and Zhengkun Huang

Microstructure and Properties of Reaction Bonded Metal Modified Ceramics 101
S. M. Salamone, M. K. Aghajanian, S. E. Horner, and J. Q. Zheng

Investigation into the Effect of Common Ceramic Core Additives on the Crystallisation and Sintering of Amorphous Silica 111
Ben Taylor, Stewart T. Welch, and Stuart Blackburn

Different Fibers Exposed to Temperatures Up to 1000° C 123
Henry A. Colorado, Clem Hiel, and Jenn-Ming Yang

Heat Diffusivity Measurements on Ceramic Foams and Fibers with a Laser Spot and an IR Camera 137
G. L. Vignoles, C. Lorrette, G. Bresson, and R. Backov

Towards a Multiscale Model of Thermally-Induced Microcracking in Porous Ceramics 145
Ray S. Fertig, III and Seth Nickerson

Investigation on Reliability of High Alumina Refractories 155
Wenjie Yuan, Qingyou Zhu, Jun Li, Chengji Deng, and Hongxi Zhu

Evaluation of Subcritical Crack Growth in Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics 161
Raul Bermejo, Peter Supancic, Clemens Krautgasser, and Robert Danzer

Multilayer Ceramic Composite Armor Design and Impact Tests 173
Faruk Elaldi

Compression Failure Analysis of Graphite Foam Core Based Sandwich Composite Constructions 179
Hooman Hosseini, Seyyed Reza Ghaffarian, Mohammad Teymouri, and Ali Reza Moeini

Tribological Profile of Binderless Niobium Carbide 189
Mathias Woydt and Hardy Mohrbacher

Tribological Properties of Alumina/Zirconia Composites with and without h-BN Phases 195
Liang Xue and Gary L. Doll

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