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Mechanical and Structural Vibrations

Mechanical and Structural Vibrations

Demeter G. Fertis

ISBN: 978-0-471-10600-5

Apr 1995

828 pages

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Covering the whole spectrum of vibration theory and its applications in both civil and mechanical engineering, Mechanical and Structural Vibrations provides the most comprehensive treatment of the subject currently available. Based on the author s many years of experience in both academe and industry, it is designed to function equally well as both a day-to-day working resource for practicing engineers and a superior upper-level undergraduate or graduate-level text.

Features a quick-reference format that, Mechanical and Structural Vibrations gives engineers instant access to the specific theory or application they need. Saves valuable time ordinarily spent wading through unrelated or extraneous material. And, while they are thoroughly integrated throughout the text, applications to both civil and mechanical engineering are organized into sections that permit the reader to reference only the material germane to his or her field.

Students and teachers will appreciate the book's practical, real-world approach to the subject, its emphasis on simplicity and accuracy of analytical techniques, and its straightforward, step-by-step delineation of all numerical methods used in calculating the dynamics and vibrations problems, as well as the numerous examples with which the author illustrates those methods. They will also appreciate the many chapter-end practice problems (solutions appear in appendices) designed to help them rapidly develop mastery of all concepts and methods covered.

Readers will find many versatile new concepts and analytical techniques not covered in other texts, including nonlinear analysis, inelastic response of structural and mechanical components of uniform and variable stiffness, the "dynamic hinge," "dynamically equivalent systems," and other breakthrough tools and techniques developed by the author and his collaborators.

Mechanical and Structural Vibrations is both an excellent text for courses in structural dynamics, dynamic systems, and engineering vibration and a valuable tool of the trade for practicing engineers working in a broad range of industries, from electronic packaging to aerospace.

Timely, comprehensive, practical--a superior student text and an indispensable working resource for busy engineers

Mechanical and Structural Vibrations is the first text to cover the entire spectrum of vibration theory and its applications in both civil and mechanical engineering. Written by an author with over a quarter century of experience as a teacher and practicing engineer, it is designed to function equally well as a working professional resource and an upper-level undergraduate or graduate-level text for courses in structural dynamics, dynamic systems, and engineering vibrations. Mechanical and Structural Vibrations:
* Takes a practical, application-oriented approach to the subject
* Features a quick-reference format that gives busy professionals instant access to the information needed for the task at hand
* Walks readers, step-by-step, through the numerical methods used in calculating the dynamics and vibration problems
* Introduces many cutting-edge concepts and analytical tools not covered in other texts
* Is packed with real-world examples covering everything from the stresses and strains on buildings during an earthquake to those affecting a space craft during lift-off
* Contains chapter-end problems--and solutions--that help students rapidly develop mastery of all important concepts and methods covered
* Is extremely well-illustrated and includes more than 300 diagrams, tables, charts, illustrations, and more
Fundamentals of Vibratory Motions.

Vibration Analysis of Simple Systems.

Forced Vibration of Simple Systems.

Dynamic and Vibration Response of Continuous Systems.

Commonly Used Methods of Vibration Analysis.

Finite Element Method.

Utilization of Modal Analysis for Dynamic Response Due to External Excitations.

Vibration Response of Variable Stiffness Members.

Dynamic Response of Idealized Systems by Using Fourier and Laplace Transforms.

Variational and Stochastic Approaches.

Dimensional and Model Analysis.




Answers to Selected Problems.