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Mechanics and Physics of Porous Solids

Mechanics and Physics of Porous Solids

Olivier Coussy

ISBN: 978-0-470-71038-8 June 2010 296 Pages


Mechanics and Physics of Porous Solids addresses the mechanics and physics of deformable porous materials whose porous space is filled by one or several fluid mixtures interacting with the solid matrix. Coussy uses the language of thermodynamics to frame the discussion of this topic and bridge the gap between physicists and engineers, and organises the material in such a way that individual phases are explored, followed by coupled problems of increasing complexity. This structure allows the reader to build a solid understanding of the physical processes occurring in the fluids and then porous solids.

Mechanics and Physics of Porous Solids offers a critical reference on the physics of multiphase porous materials - key reading for engineers and researchers in structural and material engineering, concrete, wood and materials science, rock and soil mechanics, mining and oil prospecting, biomechanics.


1 The Strange World of Porous Solids

2 Fluid Mixtures

2.1 Chemical potential

2.2 Gibbs-Duhem Equality

2.3 Ideal Mixtures

2.4 Regular Solutions

3 The Deformable Porous Solid

3.1 Strain

3.2 Stress

3.3 Strain Work

3.4 From Solids to Porous Solids

4 The Saturated Poroelastic Solid

4.1 The Poroelastic Solid

4.2 Filling the Porous Solid

4.3 The Thermoporoelastic Solid

4.4 The Poroviscoelastic Solid

5 Fluid Transport and Deformation

5.1 Transport Laws

5.2 Coupling the Deformation and the Flow

5.3 Consolidation of a Soil Layer

6 Surface Energy and Capillarity

6.1 Physics and Mechanics of Interfaces

6.2 Capillarity in Porous Solids

6.3 Transport in Unsaturated Porous Solids

7 The Unsaturated Poroelastic Solid

7.1 Interface Stress as a Pre-Stress

7.2 Energy Balance for the Unsaturated Porous Solid

7.3 The Linear Unsaturated Poroelastic Solid

7.4 Extending Linear Unsaturated Poroelasticity

8 Uncon.ned Phase Transition

8.1 Chemical Potential and Phase Transition

8.2 Liquid-Vapor Transition

8.3 Liquid-Solid Transition

8.4 Gas bubble formation

8.5 Surface Energy and Phase Transition

9 Phase Transition in Porous Solids

9.1 In-Pore Phase Transition

9.2 Kinetics and Mechanics of Drying

9.3 Mechanics of Con.ned Crystallization

10 The Poroplastic Solid

10.1 Basic Concepts of Plasticity

10.2 From Plasticity to Poroplasticity

10.3 From material to structure

11 By Way of Conclusion