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Mechanics of Materials

Mechanics of Materials

Ansel C. Ugural

ISBN: 978-0-471-72115-4

Feb 2007

736 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Mechanics of Materials teaches concepts and problem-solving skills with practical applications.  The text provides a wide variety of worked examples, case studies, and homework problems to motivate students and help them develop their problem-solving skills.  Mechanics of Materials provides a visual, concise, and technically accurate presentation which appeals to today’s student.

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This item: Mechanics of Materials

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This item: Mechanics of Materials

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1. Introduction.

2. Concepts of Stress.

3. Stress and Strain.

4. Axially Loaded Members.

5. Torsion.

6. Shear and Moment in Beams.

7. Stresses in Beams.

8. Transformation of Stress and Strain.

9. Combined Loadings and Failure Criteria.

10. Deflections of Beams.

11. Buckling of Columns.

12. Energy Methods and Impact.

13. Finite Element Analysis.

Appendix A: Properties of Areas.

Provides a large variety of interesting and engaging worked examples and homework problems (1260 homework problems, 197 worked examples, and 20 Case Studies)
  • Consistent problem-solving framework for all examples and cases includes steps—Given, Find, Assumptions, Solution, Comments—to guide the student
  • Case studies provide projects dealing with stress analysis or preliminary design, see Mobile Loader Study and Truss Study that run throughout the text.

Emphasizes 3 key aspects of solid mechanics (Equilibrium, Geometry of Deformation, and Material behavior)

  • Reinforces importance of basic principles of analysis

Provides strong visual approach

  • Visual, concise, technically accurate text appeals to current generation of students
  • 1240 figures and 40 photographs all include descriptive captions to increase understanding of material
  • Free Body Diagrams facilitate visualization and reinforce effective problem-solving strategies

Well known, successful text author

  • Market leading texts in upper level mechanics courses: 
    • Ugural/Fenster, Advanced Strength and Applied Elasticity, 4e PH 2003
    • Ugural, Stresses in Plates and Shells, 2e MH 1998