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Mechanics of Plates and Shells

Mechanics of Plates and Shells

Holm Altenbach, Victor Eremeyev (Contributions by)

ISBN: 978-1-119-94296-2

Apr 2020

320 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Develops new methods to analyse structures using advanced materials by comprehensively analysing existing theories to identify their underlying mathematical foundation.

Using a direct approach, Mechanics of plates and shells presents a complete analysis of the various theories of rods, plates, and shells. It contains a systematic deduction of the most widely used classical theories and compares most of the different approaches. Extensive examples are used to explore the possibilities of using advanced materials for rod, plate or shell-like structures, demonstrating the necessity for the use of improved theories.

Mechanics of plates and shells will also present the dimension reduction of the three-dimensional theory, showing the transition of both the Cauchy and the Cosserat continuum equations. This allows the estimation of constraints for the application of one- or two-dimensional theories. 

  • Comprehensively analyses most widely used methods and explains the foundation of the theories, especially the consequences following from the problem dimension reduction.
  • Covers advanced materials such as composites and functionally graded materials
  • Using examples, demonstrates the need for new and improved theories for advanced materials for rod, plate or shell-like structures.