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Mechanised Shield Tunnelling, 2nd Edition



Mechanised Shield Tunnelling, 2nd Edition



Mechanised shield tunnelling has developed considerably since the publication of the first edition of this book. Challenging tunnel projects under difficult conditions demand innovative solutions, which has led to constant further development and innovation in process technology, constructions operations and the machines and materials used.
The book collects the latest state of technology in mechanised shield tunnelling. It describes the basics of mechanised tunnelling technology and the various types of machines and gives calculation methods and constructural advice. Further chapters cover excavation tools, muck handling, tunnel support, surveying and steering as well as workplace safety. There is also detailled information about contractual aspects and process controlling.
1. Introduction
2. Support of the cavity and settlement
3. Construction and design methods
4. Excavation tool and excavation process
5. Muck removal
6. The tunnel lining
7. Shield tail sealing, grouting works
8. Open shields
9. Compressed air shields
10. Slurry shields
11. Earth pressure balance shields
12. Convertible shields or multi mode machines
13. Special shields and special processes
14. Guided microtunnelling processes
15. Surveying and steering
16. Workplace safety
17. Partnering contract models and construction
18. Process controlling and management
19. DAUB recommendations for the selection of tunnelling machines