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Mechanisms of Global Climate Change at Millennial Time Scales

Mechanisms of Global Climate Change at Millennial Time Scales

Peter U. Clark (Editor), Robert S. Webb (Editor), Lloyd D. Keigwin (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66474-2

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

394 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 112.

This volume is intended to serve as a single, comprehensive resource for understanding the mechanisms of millennial-scale global climate change. Given the maturity of the science and understanding of the climate processes, we believe that the time is right for such a compilation of results. This monograph provides the paleoclimatology and climate dynamics communities with a comprehensive overview of current evidence and understanding of climate variability and abrupt climate change between orbital and interannual time scales.

Peter U. Clark, Robert S. Webb, and Lloyd D. Keigwin  vii

Some Aspects of Ocean Heat Transport by the Shallow, Intermediate and Deep Overturning
Lynne D. Talley  1

Errors in Generating Time-Series and in Dating Events at Late Quaternary Millennial (Radiocarbon)
Time-Scales: Examples From Barfin Bay, N W Labrador Sea, and East Greenland
John T. Andrews, Donald C . Barber, and Anne E. Jennings 23

The North Atlantic's 1 -2 kyr Climate Rhythm: Relation to Heinrich Events, Dansgaard/Oeschger Cycles
and the Little Ice Age
Gerard C . Bond, William Showers, Mary Elliot, Michael Evans, Rusty Lotti, Irka Hajdas, Georges Bonani, and Sigfus Johnson  35

Millennial-Scale Changes in Ventilation of the Thermocline, Intermediate, and Deep Waters
of the Glacial North Atlantic
W. B. Curry, T. M . Marchitto, J. F. McManus, D. W. Oppo, and K. L. Laarkamp 59

Temporal Variability of the Surface and Deep Waters of the North West Atlantic Ocean
at Orbital and Millennial Scales
Laurent Labeyrie, Heloi'se Ledaire, Claire Waelbroecki, Esa Cortijo, Jean-Claud Deuplessy, Laurenc Veidal, Mary Elliot, Brigitte Le Coat, and Gerard Auffret  77

Origin of Global Millennial Scale Climate Events: Constraints from t he Southern Ocean
Deep Sea Sedimentary Record
Ulysses S. Ninnemann, Christopher D. Charles, and David A. Hodell 99

High-Frequency Oscillations of the Last 70,000 Years in the Tropical/Subtropical and Polar Climates
Frank Sirocko, Dirk Leuschner, Michael Staubwasser,  Jean Maley and Linda Heusser  113

Rapid Climate Oscillations in the Northeast Pacific During the Last Deglaciation Reflect Northern
and Southern Hemisphere Sources
Alan C. Mix, David C . Lund, Nicklas G. Pisias, Per Boddn, Lennart Bornmaim, Mitch Lyle, and Jennifer Pike  127

High P recision Correlations of Greenlandand Antarctic Ice Core Records over the Last 100 kyr
Michael Bender, Bruno Malaize, Joseph Orchardo, Todd S owers, and Jean Jouzel  149

Atmospheric Methane and Millennial-Scale Climate Change
Edward J. Brook, Susan Harder, Jeff Severinghaua, and Michael Bender  165

Freshwater Routing by the Laurentide Ice Sheet During the Last Deglaciation
Joseph M.Liccdardi, JamesT.Teller, and Peter U. Clark  177

Records of Millennial-Scale CLimate Change From the Great Basin of the Western United States
Larry Benson  203

Paleoecological Evidence of Milankovitch and S ub-Milankovitch Climate Variations in the Western U.S.
During the Late Quaternary
Cathy Whitlock and Laurie D. Grigg  227

A Glaciological Perspective on Heinrich Events
Garry K. C. Clarke, Shawn J. Marshall, Claude Hillaire-Marcel, Guy Bilodeau, and Christine Veiga-Pires 243

Physical and Biogeochemical Responses to Freshwater-Induced Thermohalina Veriability
in a Zonally Averaged Ocean Model
Olivier Marchal, Thomas F. Stocker, and Fortunat Joos  263

Millennial Timescale Veriability in Ocean/Climate Models
Andrew J. Weaver  285

Ice-Core Evidence of Late-Holocen Re–eduction in North Atlantic Ocean Heat Transport
R.B. A lley, A. M. Augustsdottir, and P. O. Fawcett 301

Simulation o f the Potential Responses of Regional Climate and Surface Processes in Western North America to a Canonical Heinrich Event
S. W. Hostetler and P. ]. Bartlein  313

Sensitivity of Stationary Wave Amplitude to Regional Changes in Laurentid Ice Sheet Topography
Chades Jackson  329

Subtropical Water Vapor as a Mediator of Rapid Global Climate Change
Raymond T. Pierrehumbert 339

A Role for the Tropical Pacific Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere System on Milankovitch and Millennial Timescales
Part I: A Modeling Study of Tropical Pacific Variability
Amy C. Clement and Mark Cane  363

A Role for the Tropical Pacific Coupled Ocean-Atmospheres Sytem on Milankovitch and Millennial  Timescales
Part II: Global Impacts
Mark Cane and Amy C. Clement  373

Making Sense of Millennial-Scale Climate Change
R. B. Alley, P. U. Clark, L. D. Keigman, and R. S. Webb  385