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Mediating Dangerously: The Frontiers of Conflict Resolution

Mediating Dangerously: The Frontiers of Conflict Resolution

Kenneth Cloke

ISBN: 978-0-787-95929-6

Feb 2002, Jossey-Bass

272 pages



Sometimes it's necessary to push beyond the usual limits of the mediation process to achieve deeper and more lasting change. Mediating Dangerously shows how to reach beyond technical and traditional intervention to the outer edges and dark places of dispute resolution, where risk taking is essential and fundamental change is the desired result. It means opening wounds and looking beneath the surface, challenging comfortable assumptions, and exploring dangerous issues such as dishonesty, denial, apathy, domestic violence, grief, war, and slavery in order to reach a deeper level of transformational change.

Mediating Dangerously shows conflict resolution professionals how to advance beyond the traditional steps, procedures, and techniques of mediation to unveil its invisible heart and soul and to reveal the subtle and sensitive engine that drives the process of personal and organizational transformation. This book is a major new contribution to the literature of conflict resolution that will inspire and educate professionals in the field for years to come.

The Dangers of Mediation.

Suppression, Settlement, and Resolution.

Honesty and Empathy: Speaking the Unspeakable.

When Helping Becomes a Hindrance.

Exploring the Conflicts Within Ourselves.

Fear, Apathy, Insanity, and Dishonesty.

Dismantling the Desire for Revenge.

The Magic of Forgiveness.

The Significance of Spirit.

Conflict as a Spiritual Path.


Mediating Fascism and Oppressive Relationships.

Power, Rights, and Interests.

Creating Responsible Communities.

What's Better Than the Rule of Law.

Shifting from Debate to Dialogue.

Improving the Way We Fight.

Transforming the System.

The Politics of Conflict.

Conflict Resolution Systems Design and the United Nations.

Where Inner and Outer Frontiers Meet.
"Mediating Dangerously is, as all of Cloke's books, a book to buy." (The Texas Mediator, January 2002)

"Cloke writes with passion...." (Dispute Resolution Journal, October 2002)