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Medical Care of the Liver Transplant Patient: Total Pre-, Intra- and Post-Operative Management, 3rd Edition



Medical Care of the Liver Transplant Patient: Total Pre-, Intra- and Post-Operative Management, 3rd Edition

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Medical Care of the Liver Transplant Patient looks at monitoring and maintaining the health of organ recipients and donors, pre, during and post-operatively.

There are twenty-nine chapters containing practical advice on total patient management. They are arranged into 8 sections and follow the stages of transplantation from first indication and selection of potential recipient, through to acute recovery, long-term follow-up and continued health.

In this edition there are new chapters on special considerations in liver transplant patients such as viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease and live donor liver transplantation. It also contains the very latest information concerning complications and recurring problems after transplantation. Another new chapter considers fresh approaches and developments in the future.

This is a vital reference to all members of the medical team involved at different stages in the care of liver transplantation patients including hepatologists, gastroenterologists, transplant surgeons, specialist nurses, and nutritionists.


Part 1: Management of the Potential Transplant Recipient.

Chapter 1. Selection and Evaluation of the Recipient (includingRetransplantation).

Don C. Rockey.

Chapter 2. Monitoring the Patient Awaiting Transplantation.

Beat Mullhaupt.

Chapter 3. Management of Portal Hypertension and Biliary Problems Prior to Transplantation.

Nazia Selzner, Janet E. Tuttle-Newhall, and Beat Mullhaupt.

Chapter 4. Psychosocial Evaluation of the Potential Recipient.

Robyn Lewis Claar.

Chapter 5. Financial Considerations.

Paul C. Kuo and Rebecca A. Schroeder.

Chapter 6. Donor Organ Distribution.

Richard B. Freeman, Jr and Jeffrey Cooper.

Chapter 7. Viral Hepatitis.

Paul G. Killenberg.

Chapter 8. Hepatoma.

Maria Varela, Margarita Sala, and M. Jordi Bruix.

Chapter 9. Alcoholism and Alcoholic Liver Disease.

Mark Hudson and Kaushik Agarwal.

Chapter 10. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.

(including Cholangiocarcinoma), and Autoimmune Hepatitis.

Beat Mullhaupt and Alastair D. Smith.

Chapter 11. Metabolic Diseases.

David A. Tendler.

Chapter 12. Living Donor Liver Transplantation.

James F. Trotter and Wesley Kasen.

Chapter 13. Fulminant Hepatic Failure.

Michael A. Heneghan.

Part 2: Management in the Perioperative Period.

Chapter 14. The Transplant Operation.

Lucas McCormack, Markus Selzner, and Pierre-Alain Clavien.

Chapter 15. The Difficult Surgical Patient.

Robert J. Porte, Lucas McCormack, and Pierre-Alain Clavien.

Chapter 16. Surgical Aspects of Living Donor Transplantation.

Zakiyah Kadry and Pierre-Alain Clavien.

Chapter 17. Anesthesia.

Kerri M. Robertson and Marco Piero Zalunardo.

Chapter 18. Recovery in the Immediate Postoperative Period.

Julie S. Hudson and Judith W. Gentile.

Chapter 19. Rejection.

Bradley H. Collins and Dev M. Desai.

Chapter 20. Vascular Complications.

Paul Suhocki, S. Ravi Chari, and Richard L. McCann.

Chapter 21. Biliary Complications following Liver Transplantation.

Lucas McCormack and Peter Bauerfeind.

Chapter 22. The Role of Histopathology.

Mary K. Washington and M. David N. Howell.

Part 3: Chronic Medical Problems in the Transplant Recipient.

Chapter 23. Medical Problems after Liver Transplantation.

Eberhard L. Renner and Jean-Francois Dufour.

Chapter 24. Recurrence of the Original Liver Disease.

Alastair D. Smith.

Chapter 25. Infections in the Transplant Recipient.

Barbara D. Alexander and Kimberly Hanson.

Chapter 26. Renal Function Posttransplant.

Stephen R. Smith.

Chapter 27. Cutaneous Diseases in the Transplant Recipient.

Sarah A. Myers and Juan-Carlos Martinez.

Chapter 28. Productivity and Social Rehabilitation of the Transplant Recipient.

Karli S. Pontillo.

Part 4: Medications.

Chapter 29. Immunosuppressive Medications.

Andrew J. Muir.

Chapter 30. Drug Interactions with Commonly Used Immunosuppressive Agents.

Paul G. Killenberg.

Part 5: Pediatric Liver Transplantation.

Chapter 31. Special Considerations for Liver Transplantation in Children.

Martin Burdelski and Xavier Rogiers.


Part 6: Liver Transplantation in the Future.

Chapter 32. New Approaches.

Markus Selzner and Leo Buhler.



“The book is well written, easy to read and full of valuable references. […] It is a valuable aid for both transplant and non-transplant hepatologists and for surgeons. […] It is one of the few books combining all the relevant clinical aspects of the continuously growing knowledge on liver transplantation, a special setting where the coexistence of multidisciplinary competences and skills is critical to allow optimal results.” Digestive and Liver Disease, October 2006

“This textbook facilitates the integration process by providing an excellent resource for non-transplant physician who care for patients with liver disease pre or post transplantation. […] The chapters provide a handy reference for the management of most problems encountered by transplant patients following the immediate post operative period.” from review in Hepatology on first edition

Review of the first edition
“...The authors encourage a dialogue between the personal physician and the liver transplant center personnel...Detailed discussion of management during the perioperative period should be appreciated by specialists including hepatologists, transplant surgeons, and transplant coordinators as well as residents and fellows training in this discipline... this book is easy to read and well worth its cost...”

Management of liver transplant patients - before, during and after transplantation

  • Provides a well-balanced view of medical care & surgical treatments
  • Contains expanded section on special considerations in liver transplant patients
  • Includes the very latest information concerning complications