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Medical Instrumentation: Application and Design, 4th Edition

Medical Instrumentation: Application and Design, 4th Edition

John G. Webster (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-47512-6

Oct 2008

736 pages



This contributed book provides the premiere reference on medical instrumentation as well as a comprehensive overview of the basic concepts of medical instrumentation illustrating the interdisciplinary nature of bioinstrumentation. This revised edition features new material on infant apnea monitors, impedance pneumography, the design of cardiac pacemakers, and disposable defibrillator electrodes and their standards.

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Basic Sensors and Principles (R. Peura & J. Webster)

Amplifiers and Signal Processing (J. Webster)

The Origin of Biopotentials (J. Clark)

Biopotential Electrodes (M. Neuman)

Biopotential Amplifiers (M. Neuman)

Blood Pressure and Sound (R. Peura)

Measurement of Flow and Volume of Blood (J. Webster)

Measurements of the Respiratory System (F. Primiano)

Chemical Biosensors (R. Peura)

Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation (L. Wheeler)

Medical Imaging Systems (M. Siedband)

Therapeutic and Prosthetic Devices (M. Neuman)

Electrical Safety (W. Olson)


All chapters have been revised
  • New material covers medical imaging and therapeutic and prosthetic devices  

Includes many new worked out examples

  • Supports student problem-solving
All chapters have been revised or shortened with most new material in medical imaging
  • Provides information on the most current techniques 

Each chapter has been carefully reviewed and updated for the fourth edition

  • Includes many new problems
  • Updated reference material covers latest medical technologies

Provides worked examples throughout the text and homework problems at the end of each chapter (more than 300)

  • Provides solid problem-solving support for students
  • Increases student motivation to study this leading edge bioengineering topic