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Medical Transcription For Dummies

Medical Transcription For Dummies

Anne Martinez

ISBN: 978-1-118-34307-4 December 2012 360 Pages


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The fast and easy way to explore a medical transcription career

Flexibility is one of the most enticing aspects of a career in medical transcription. Perfect for in the office, at home, or on vacation, medical transcriptionists can often create lifestyle-appropriate schedules. The transcription field also appeals as a part-time, post-retirement income source for ex-healthcare-industry workers. If you're interested in a career in this growing field, Medical Transcription For Dummies serves as an accessible entry point.

With guidance on getting through training and certification and exploring opportunities within the myriad different kinds of employment arrangements, Medical Transcription For Dummies gives you everything you need to get started in medical transcription.

  • Guides you on getting though medical transcription training and certification
  • Includes expert advice and tips on how to approach complex medical jargon and understand procedures
  • Plain-English explanations of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, and treatment assessments

Whether used as a classroom supplement or a desk reference, students and professionals alike can benefit from Medical Transcription For Dummies.

Introduction 1

Part I: So, You Want to Be a Medical Transcriptionist 7

Chapter 1: Just the Facts 9

Chapter 2: The What, How, Who, and Why of Medical Transcription 17

Chapter 3: Getting a Handle on Job Prospects and Employment Options 35

Chapter 4: Becoming a Working Medical Transcriptionist 49

Part II: Getting the Job Done: Medical Transcription How-To 65

Chapter 5: Medical Language Boot Camp 67

Chapter 6: Formatting: The Basics 85

Chapter 7: Cracking the Code: Deciphering Diffi cult Dictation 101

Chapter 8: Mastering the Key Medical Transcription References 109

Chapter 9: Meeting the Need for Speed 123

Part III: Looking at the Types of Reports You’ll Transcribe  131

Chapter 10: History and Physical Examination 133

Chapter 11: Consultation 143

Chapter 12: Operative Reports 151

Chapter 13: Discharge and Death Summaries 161

Chapter 14: Beyond the Big Four: Other Common Reports 169

Part IV: Employment Matters: Landing and

Managing a Medical Transcriptionist Job  189

Chapter 15: Medical Transcriptionist Job Hunting 191

Chapter 16: Managing On-the-Job Issues 205

Chapter 17: Climbing the Career Ladder 215

Chapter 18: Working from Home 223

Chapter 19: Financial Considerations for Independent Contractors 239

Chapter 20: Staying Healthy for the Long Haul 255

Part V: The Part of Tens  265

Chapter 21: Ten Keys to Career Success 267

Chapter 22: Ten Myths about Medical Transcription 275

Chapter 23: Ten Great Online Resources281

Part VI: Appendixes  285

Appendix A: Glossary 287

Appendix B: Commonly Dictated Phrases and How to Transcribe Them299

Appendix C: Sample Reports 309

Index 325