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Medical Student Survival Skills: ECG

Philip Jevon, Jayant Gupta

Endovascular Interventions

Jose M. Wiley, Cristina Sanina, Peter Faries, Ian Del Conde, George D. Dangas, Prakash Krishnan

Visual Guide to Neonatal Cardiology

Ernerio T. Alboliras, Ziyad M. Hijazi, Cecilio (Leo) Lopez, Donald J. Hagler

How-to Manual for Pacemaker and ICD Devices: Procedures and Programming

Amin Al-Ahmad, Andrea Natale, Paul J. Wang, James P. Daubert, Luigi Padeletti

Peripheral Artery Disease, 2nd Edition

Emile R. Mohler, Michael R. Jaff

The Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia Handbook

Viviane G. Nasr, James A. DiNardo

Interventional Cardiology: Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition

George D. Dangas, Carlo Di Mario, Nicholas N. Kipshidze, Peter Barlis, Tayo Addo

Management of Complex Cardiovascular Problems, 4th Edition

Thach N. Nguyen, Dayi Hu, Shao Liang Chen, Moo-Hyun Kim, Cindy L. Grines, Faisal Latif
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  • of 4 Pages
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