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Mediterranean Diet For Dummies

Rachel Berman

ISBN: 978-1-118-71525-3 September 2013 320 Pages


Expert advice on transitioning to this healthy lifestyle

The Mediterranean diet is a widely respected and highly acclaimed diet based on the food and lifestyles common to the people of Greece, Cyprus, Southern France, Spain, and coastal Italy. In addition to being a healthy, extremely effective way of losing weight, the Mediterranean diet is considered an effective means of avoiding or reversing many health problems, such as cardiovascular issues, pre-Diabetes, and obesity.

This hands-on, friendly guide covers the numerous health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and encourages meals that consist largely of healthy foods such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil and other healthy fats, fish, and foods high in Omega-3 fat content, such as seafood, nuts, beans, and dairy products. Featuring 20 delicious and nutritious recipes and chock-full of tips from consuming the best oils to whether wine is okay with meals (it is), Mediterranean Diet For Dummies serves as the formula for maximizing success in achieving ideal weight and health.

  • Explains how switching to a Mediterranean diet can ward off the risk of many diseases
  • Includes 20 tasty recipes
  • Also available: Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Dummies

If you've heard of this highly acclaimed and publicized diet, Mediterranean Diet For Dummies helps you make the switch.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with the Mediterranean Diet 5

Chapter 1: A Guided Tour through the Mediterranean Diet 7

Chapter 2: Opa! Reasons to Celebrate the Mediterranean Diet 21

Part II: Common Ailments and the Positive Effects of the Mediterranean Diet 37

Chapter 3: Heart Disease and Heart Attackackackack: What You Ought to Know by Now 39

Chapter 4: High Blood Pressure and Stroke: A Lowdown Dirty Shame 57

Chapter 5: Digging into Facts about Diabetes 71

Chapter 6: Wrestling with Obesity 91

Chapter 7: The Topic of Cancer 107

Part III: Digging Deeper into the Mediterranean Diet 121

Chapter 8: The Miracle of Olive Oil 123

Chapter 9: Nuts, Seeds, and Legumes 135

Chapter 10: Fruits and Veggies: Key Parts of This Plant-Based Diet 147

Chapter 11: Great Grains 161

Chapter 12: Seafood and Animal Protein 173

Chapter 13: The Wonders of Wine 187

Part IV: Enjoying Life the Mediterranean Way 197

Chapter 14: Integrating the Mediterranean Diet into Your Life 199

Chapter 15: Eating Mediterranean When Money and Time Are Tight 215

Chapter 16: Recipes to Tempt Your Tastebuds 227

Part V: The Part of Tens 259

Chapter 17: A Taste of the Mediterranean: Top Ten Herbs and Spices 261

Chapter 18: Ten Studies on or Related to the Mediterranean Diet 269

Chapter 19: Ten Easy but Effective Ways to Give Your Life a Mediterranean Boost 275

Appendix: Metric Conversion Guide 279

Index 283