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Meet the Raspberry Pi

Meet the Raspberry Pi

Eben Upton, Gareth Halfacree

ISBN: 978-1-118-49468-4

Jul 2012

420 pages

Select type: E-Book


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The essential preview guide to getting started with Raspberry Pi ® computing and programming

Originally conceived of as a fun, easy way for kids (and curious adults) to learn computer programming, the Raspberry Pi quickly evolved into a remarkably robust, credit-card-size computer that can be used for everything from playing HD videos and hacking around with hardware to learning to program!

Co-authored by one of the creators of the Raspberry Pi, this special preview eBook fills you in on everything you need to know to get up and running on your Raspberry Pi in no time, including how to:

• Connect to a keyboard, mouse, monitor and other peripherals

• Install software

• Master basic Linux system administration

• Configure your Raspberry Pi

• Connect to wired or wireless networks

• Diagnose and troubleshoot common problems

• Use the GPIO port to flash an LED or read a button

Meet the Raspberry Pi provides a sneak peek preview of how to make the most out of the world’s first truly compact computer.


Chapter 1: Meet the Raspberry Pi

Connecting a Keyboard and Mouse 6

Flashing the SD Card 7

Flashing from Linux 8

Flashing from OS X 9

Flashing from Windows 9

Connecting External Storage 10

Connecting the Network 11

Wired Networking 11

Wireless Networking 12

Connecting Power 13

Chapter 2: Linux System Administration

Linux: An Overview 1

Linux Basics 3

Introducing Debian 4

Using External Storage Devices 7

Creating a New User Account 8

Installing and Uninstalling Software 10

Finding Software 11

Installing Software 11

Uninstalling Software 12

Upgrading Software 12

Chapter 3 Troubleshooting

Keyboard and Mouse Diagnostics 1

Power Diagnostics 2

Display Diagnostics 3

Boot Diagnostics 4

Network Diagnostics 5

The Emergency Kernel 6

Chapter 4 Network Configuration

Wired Networking 1

Wireless Networking 3

No Encryption 10

WEP Encryption 10

WPA/WPA2 Encryption 10

Connecting to the Wireless Network 11

Chapter 5 Configuring the Raspberry Pi

Hardware Settings—config.txt 1

Modifying the Display 2

Boot Options 5

Overclocking the Raspberry Pi 6

Overclocking Settings 6

Overvoltage Settings 8

Disabling L2 Cache 9

Enabling Test Mode 10

Memory Partitioning—start.elf 10

Software Settings—cmdline.txt 11

Chapter 6 The GPIO Port

GPIO Port Buses 2

UART Serial Bus 2

I²C Bus 3

SPI Bus 3

Using the GPIO Port in Python 3

Installing the GPIO Python Library 4

GPIO Output: Flashing an LED 5

GPIO Input: Reading a Button 8

Appendix HDMI Display Modes