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Meeting the Needs of African American Women: New Directions for Student Services, Number 104

Meeting the Needs of African American Women: New Directions for Student Services, Number 104

Mary F. Howard-Hamilton (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-787-97280-6

Feb 2004, Jossey-Bass

120 pages

Select type: Paperback

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When research is traditionally conducted about African Americans in higher education, African American men and women often are treated as a monolithic group, thus masking potentially significant developmental and gender-related differences. This sourcebook identifies and explores critical needs and African American women as students, faculty, and administrators on college campuses; and offers recommendations and suggestions for meeting those needs.
EDITOR’S NOTES (Mary F. Howard-Hamilton).

1. African American Women in Higher Education (Eboni M. Zamani)
This chapter describes ways in which different institutional environments support and challenge African American women.

2. Theoretical Frameworks for African American Women (Mary F. Howard-Hamilton)
Critical race theory and black feminist thought are used as frameworks to understand the development of identity for African American women.

3. Come to the River: Using Spirituality to Cope, Resist, and Develop Identity (Sherry K. Watt)
African American women have historically relied on faith and spirituality to survive in challenging environments and when facing difficult situations. Theories of faith development are discussed, and effective interventions for coping in higher education are offered.

4. Personal, Academic, and Career Counseling of African American Women in College Settings (Madonna G. Constantine, Tawanda M. Greer)
Counseling interventions designed specifically for African American women are described. A case study is used to illustrate effective helping strategies.

5. Programming Needs and Student Services for African American Women (Alexandria M. Rosales, Dawn R. Person)
This chapter describes essential programming and services intended to help African American women achieve success in college.

6. Mentoring Relationships Among African American Women in Graduate and Professional Schools (Lori D. Patton, Shaun R. Harper)
African American women are more successful in their academic careers when advocates who can provide support and advice are identified for them.

7. The Experiences of African American Women Faculty and Administrators in Higher Education: Has Anything Changed? (Carol Logan Patitu, Kandace G. Hinton)
Two recent studies reveal that African American women who are administrators or faculty members struggle in academic environments because of racism, sexism, and invisible or nonexistent support systems. Recommendations for ways to provide a positive and empowering work environment, as well as interventions, are delineated.

8. Insights: Emphasizing Issues That Affect African American Women (Robin L. Hughes, Mary F. Howard-Hamilton)
The critical issues are summarized with recommendations and insights that challenge the reader to change the existing environment for African American women on college campuses.