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Mega-Selling: Secrets of a Master Salesman

Mega-Selling: Secrets of a Master Salesman

David Cowper, Andrew Haynes, Donald Cowper

ISBN: 978-0-470-73926-6

Jan 2009

232 pages

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"No matter what your industry, no matter what your product, if you want to sell in the big leagues, this book is a revelation."
—Steve Carlson, Publisher and Editor, Marketing Options

"David Cowper is not just one of the world's most successful life insurance salespeople, he is one of the cleverest. He thinks his way into giant cases and so can we, if we follow his strategies."
—Tony Gordon, Past Chairman, Top of the Table, Bristol, England

"David Cowper's book is, by far, the best I have ever read on the art of selling life insurance. Through fascinating storytelling, David reveals the extraordinary scale of thought and passion devoted to his selling opportunities. His book will inspire every reader to add zeros to their sales numbers."
—Leon Lewis, Planning Consultant

"David Cowper demonstrates how to achieve sales excellence through creativity, intelligence, and the power of stories. This book is required reading for all sales professionals."
—Norm L. Trainor, President, The Covenant Group, and Author of The 8 Best Practices of High-Performing Salespeople

When David Cowper began his insurance career, he was alone in a new country with no contacts and only forty dollars in his pocket. Three months after entering the business, he still hadn't sold a single policy. But David stuck with it to routinely make million-dollar sales and become one of the top insurance salespeople in the world. More than a rags-to-riches story, Mega-Selling is a first-hand account of the unique strategies David developed to penetrate new markets and close multi-million-dollar sales. With Mega-Selling, any salesperson can learn from the best and become a top performer.

Part I: THE $100,000,000 CASE.

1. The $100,000,000 Conversation.

Part II: How to Lay the Foundation for Taking Your Business to the Top.

2. Creative Survival In the Lean Years.

3. The Knowledge Breakthrough.

4. The Power of Passion.

5. Meet the People.

6. Understand Your Prospects.

Part III: How to Sell Megacases and Take Your Business to the Top.

7. Preparation: The Process Approach.

8. The Sales Meeting: Turning Prospects Into Clients.

9. Persistence In the Megacase.

Part IV: How to Become a Mega-agent.

10. Visualization.

11. The Mega-agent.

Part V: Beyond the Megacase.

12. A One-Billion-Dollar Year.