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Membership Essentials: Recruitment, Retention, Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources, 2nd Edition

Membership Essentials: Recruitment, Retention, Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources, 2nd Edition

Sheri Jacobs (Executive Editor), The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)

ISBN: 978-1-118-97624-1 March 2016 Jossey-Bass 304 Pages


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The updated and expanded ASAE guide to membership fundamentals

Membership Essentials is the American Society of Association Executives' flagship guide to all aspects of membership development, recruitment, and retention. One of the five core topics for CAE preparation, membership is a fundamental area central to the role of membership director and association leader. This book is a comprehensive exploration of all aspects of membership, from engagement theory, to membership functions, to infrastructure, and much more. This new second edition has been updated with the most current practices, and includes expanded coverage of value proposition, strategic planning, model development, staff leadership, legal considerations, and other important topics that have come to the fore since the book's initial publication. Environmental factors and sustainability, governance, globalization, online communities, and the role of volunteers are discussed in greater depth, alongside foundational concepts that association leaders must understand to fill the role effectively.

This book reflects the experience and expertise of thought leaders from a range of associations—small, large, local, regional, national, and global—and represents the ASAE's fundamental body of knowledge on membership topics, and provides an invaluable resource for those preparing for or already in association leadership positions.

  • Engage members more fully in the evolving membership environment
  • Develop models and strategies for relationships, engagement, and affiliation
  • Explore ways in which the web and social media can benefit your membership
  • Examine the implications of globalization and the related relational models

The ASAE is comprised of over 21,000 association executives and industry partners from more than 10,000 organizations from around the world. The concepts presented in this book have been proven time and time again, and serve as a global template for membership management. Whether you're preparing for the CAE or striving to provide better association leadership, Membership Essentials is the resource you need at the ready.

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Acknowledgments vii

About the ASAE-Wiley Series viii

Introduction ix
By Greg Fine, CAE

Chapter 1 The Evolving Environment for Membership and Engagement 1
By Kenneth A. Doyle, FASAE, CAE, and Scott D. Oser, MBA

Chapter 2 Strategic Planning as It Relates to Relationship-Building, Engagement, and Affiliation 13
By Kristine Metter, CAE

Chapter 3 Defining Value 21
By Jay Karen, CAE

Chapter 4 Governance as It Relates to Membership 33
By Charles W. L. Deale, FASAE, CAE

Chapter 5 Membership Is a Team Sport: Working with Other Departments 47
By Sara Miller, MBA, PMP, CAE

Chapter 6 Managing a Global Membership 61
By Andrew Calhoun, CAE

Chapter 7 An Overview of Membership Research 75
By Dean A. West, FASAE

Chapter 8 Mission Impossible: Using Data to Drive Organizational Excellence: Collecting, Managing, and Using Member and Prospect Data 93
By Wes Trochlil and Sherry Budziak

Chapter 9 Organizing and Developing the Membership Function to Deliver Value 111
By Sara Miller, MBA, PMP, CAE

Chapter 10 Membership Categories and Dues Structures 125
By Sheri Jacobs, FASAE, CAE

Chapter 11 The Role of Volunteers in Membership/Volunteer Management 139
By Miriam Wolk, CAE

Chapter 12 Recruitment and Renewal Strategies 153
By Tony Rossell

Chapter 13 Member-Get-a-Member Campaigns 175
By Melanie J. Penoyar, CAE

Chapter 14 Digital Engagement: Online Communities, Web Delivery of Benefits, and Social Networking and Media 191
By Benjamin Martin, CAE

Chapter 15 Membership Communication 207
By Christy Jones, CAE

Chapter 16 Financial Metrics, Management, and Budgeting for Membership 231
By Susanne Connors Bowman, CAE

American Academy of Pediatrics: Rebuilding Our Membership Dashboard 239
By Melissa Walling, IOM, CAE

Chapter 17 Legal Considerations 251
By Jefferson C. Glassie, Esq., FASAE

Chapter 18 Innovations and Potential Directions for Membership-Based Organizations 263
By Lowell M. Aplebaum, CAE, Greg Melia, CAE, and Melody A. Jordan-Carr, MS

About the Executive Editor 279

Index 281