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Membranes for Life Sciences

Membranes for Life Sciences

Klaus-Viktor Peinemann (Editor), Suzana Pereira Nunes (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-63137-7

Feb 2011

343 pages



Examining artificial membranes in terms of biocompatibility, drug delivery and controlled release, this book illustrates how existing membrane technologies are being exploited and advanced in emerging medical applications. This work, edited by internationally recognized experts, has author contributions from prominent members of this field who discuss details of all aspects of this technology. This volume provides broad, yet detailed information on synthetic membranes and their applications, including dialysis and artificial kidneys, gas exchange, artificial lungs, devices to assist liver function, and membrane affinity chromatography.
Membranes for Haemodialysis
Gas Exchange Membranes for Artificial Lung and Lung Support Systems
Membranes for Blood Plasma Separation and Blood Plasma Treatment
Membranes in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
Membrane Applications in Red and White Biotechnology
Membranes in Controlled Release
Drug Delivery Through Skin -
Overcoming the Ultimate Biological Membrane
Application of Membranes in Tissue Engineering and Biohybrid Organ Technology
Membranes in Bio-artificlal Pancreas